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Would you ever consider writing a e-short from Hi’s POV? He is honestly the best character in the whole series and his chapters in Shift (I think it was that book) were the best ones!

Thanks. Hi for a whole story, eh? I’m not sure the world could handle that.


  1. I can handle Hi. If we can have two chapters in Shift. And one in Exposure. Then we can handle a WHOLE e-short. For real!

  2. I’d freakin’ love that! You could have, like, one for Hi, one for Ben, one for Shelton and maybe one for Ella or Chance depending on how Terminal plays out. Cos I would read those. And then reread those.

  3. No it should be mostly Ben. And a lot of Hi, and a little bit of Shelton. And then Kit again, cause Kit’s awesome.

    No he’s not he actually he ruins everything.

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