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Will we see any more Tory and Ben kisses in Terminal? Will it be the last book? And if you could pick any actress to play Tory in a movie adaptation who would it be? I could see Bella Thorne or Molly Quinn as long as they were keptsomewhat natural since Tory doesn’t wear a lot of make up. P.S. The Virals Series is my favorite. Any chance to get a copy signed?

You’ll have to wait for the book for some of these answers. I’d love to hear more actress suggestions for Tory. I’m not sure. Signed copies can be purchased through most of the bookstores where we went on tour this year. Check out the list of stops on this website under Appearances, then hit those stores’ websites. Or email me again and we could arrange something if that won’t work!


  1. Could you please come to Philadelphia or University of Delaware for the Terminal tour please that would be great!!!!!

  2. I am in LOVE with your series!!! I was wondering will there be another iBook coming out between the fourth and upcoming fifth? If so, when will it come out and will there be ToryxBen moments?!?!?! Also, is it true that the Virals series is ending after 5 books? ;(

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