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Will the 5th Virals book be your last? If not how many more books will the series be?

There will be at least five Virals books, but I can’t say for certain after that! How many did you want?


  1. I would like there to be six or seven viral books. I have completely enjoyed them and the crossovers with Temperance Brennan.

  2. I think there should be at least 8…I really love this series!!!

  3. When is the next book coming out and what will it be called?

  4. Please there needs to be 2 more after exposure to say what happens with Chance and the Virals

  5. Please tell me there will be a 5th book i love the virals series. I NEED to know what happens to chance, and the romamce between ben and tory. I was so happy when they kissed but thats besides the point. If there will be a 6th book what will it be called and when will it come out?????

    • One book at a time!

      • How long?

  6. Super hyped for the fifth book!! Really can’t wait! MASSIVE fan of the Virals series, I even made my friends big fans. A year is way too long to wait!!!!’

    Are you going to make a TV series of the books? There just has to be one!!

  7. Completely was caught off guard to realize a 4th book was out for Virals (Exposure). Glad to have picked it up when I did and now I am clamoring for more.

    However many books are planned for the series will be enough for me I think.

  8. I really love this series! I just started reading about two weeks ago, but I’m already caught up. This is probably my new favorite series of books, and I’d really like to see this series continue further, as long as you’re happy writing it. I say just keep writing the series forever, or until you’re no longer happy or can come up with good plotlines, or you just come up with a really good ending to the series, whichever comes first. 😉

  9. I just need to know if there is going to be a fifth book…!!!!

  10. I can’t wait for the next on I could reread this series forever!!!

  11. I think there should be AT LEAST 1 book after exposure, but 2 would be even better!!! I think this because I know you need to leave the readers hanging so they think about it, but I think that the end of exposure was definitely to big of a “cliff hanger”. I think you should have it about what happens to Chance and the VIRALS and if XPB-19 is really killing the VIRALS and if whatever Chance has is killing him!
    So please at least do another book!!!

  12. I’d really love there two be two more books after terminal I just loved terminal but it can’t just end there with a drop off like that?!

  13. I honestly would love it if there were a thousand of these books. I never want this series to end!! Please write another one!!!!!


  15. There just has to be at least 7 books this is my favorite series ever and that ending of terminal….

  16. Terminal left me in a sobbing crying mess. It can’t end like that Can it? Everything was tied together so perfectly. I didn’t cry because it was bad, it was the most amazing book I’ve ever read. I cried because it felt like it would be the last book. no more adventures with Ben, Hi, Shelton, and Tory? I just can’t have that, I need one more book. 2 would be incredible.

    • Thank you so much for your reply, it means a lot to me. More to come! The Virals e-story SPIKE will be out this winter, and takes place after the end of TERMINAL, I promise!

      • Is there going to be another book at the end of “Spiked”!!??

      • I really loved all the books and short stories, so will there be another virals book taking place after Spike?

  17. You HAVE to make a sixth book plz
    The fifth book was amazing and I loved the suspense
    But the cliff hanger hurt my book nerd soul
    So plz o plz make a sixth one

  18. I am extremely in love with the virals series and I would be heartbroken if you didn’t write anymore books in the series. Please do. I think you guys are amazing writers! Keep up the great work!!

  19. Will spike conclude the cliffhanger at the end of Terminal?
    Thanks so much for making such amazing books!

    • Yes it will!

  20. Yes yes yes there HAS to be like at least 3 more plzzzzzzz

  21. I think you should have at least 6 or 7, because the ending of #5 doesn’t feel like an actual ending to a series. I would also be completely fine with 9 books like in Maximum Ride(although the way the 8th ended, it wasn’t needed, because everything was wrapped up). I just don’t think we’ve seen the end of the Morris Islanders, Chance and Ella.

  22. I need a 6th book, please! Although I liked the ending of Terminal, it does not really leave us with enough answers. It did open the door for another book. I don’t read the e-books, so I need another major book!! I’m not ready to let the Virals go! There are still so many places to visit in Charleston!


  23. Please please please PLEASE make a full sixth book for the virals please I’m begging you I can’t live without them please don’t make it end. PLEASE!!!!!!

  24. I just finished Terminal and I think I might die!! You need to write at least 1-2 more but I think you should write as many as you guys want. You are very, very talented writers! I hope to be as good as you guys when I get older! But back to the topic, you need to write many, many more books!! Please! I’m dying here. Don’t end them in cliffhangers, I might just die

  25. My favorite series by far

  26. At least one more pleeease? You can’t end a series on a cliffhanger like that. You just can’t! I am going insane

  27. OK I just read Terminal, and I have to say it would just be cruel to leave us at the currant point in the story. I understand you only want to write 5 books, but I believe your many fans would appreciate another book, even a half e-book, that continues the main plot.
    With respect,
    Emily Pierson.

    • LOOK. FOR. SPIKE. (In Trace Evidence, out 2/2/16!)

  28. I just finished reading Terminal and I would looove a six book. However if you don’t have any inspiration do NOT write because I don’t want to read a crappy book. If you do though please please please write another one they are amazing. Best book series by far!

  29. Hundreds please

  30. So I just read the whole series for a second time and concluded it with Terminal (which I read for the first time). When I finished it at midnight I threw it on the floor and stared at it in horror (good horror, that was one hell of a book). I then proceeded to bury my face in my hands and talk, cry and fangirl with myself. I could just forget about the wonderful ending you left us with, but I’m too intrigued to try. So, all that being said, I agree with everyone else on here. I would LOVE, with all my heart and soul, another one or two books.


  31. Will there be another book after Spike? I am yet to read it though….

  32. I bought every book in the virals series including the short stories. I absolutely adore them!! I’m not quite ready to let them go. I’m dying for more please make at least a 6th book! More if you want I will definitely read them all. I just don’t feel like they are at the end.

  33. I just love this series just finished Book #5 please make a few more (1-3) also thank you for this series

  34. I loooooove the Virals series, and the end of Terminal is KILLING ME! Please tell me there will be a sixth book for the main series after the side books, please please please!

  35. Okay dude I read them all and LIKE OMG there just needs to be a six and seven after spike and terminal I need to know how Ben and tori are doin and if chance learns there new secret. Please make a six and seven. Please????

  36. Please, please write more books! The stories of Tory and Charleston are so wonderful. I am a teacher and have recommended this series to so many students. I have had the most positive student feedback on this series! My students and I love your novels!

  37. I’ve just finished the fourth book and am about to start the fifth but I notice it’s been a long time since the fifth one was written (and reading some of these comments is scaring me about the plot of the fifth book haha). I hope it doesn’t end horribly with no books to follow! I’m almost tempted to just finish at at the fourth book but I’m too intrigued to know what happens with Chance’s meddling. Aaargh! Please say there’s a sixth book coming soon!

  38. I am a big fan of The Tempe “Bones” books and was getting impatient for another one! Then I decided to read the Virals Series to get me through and I LOVED the books and I agree with everyone please keep it going!!!

  39. I think that you guys should make like an official crossover of Maximum Ride and the Virals or at least a book after Spike I need more please

  40. i think they should go on for another twelve books… i love the series to much to stop

  41. Please make a sixth book! At first I only read it because James Patterson said If you liked Maximum Ride, you’ll love this! But now I’m totally hooked. Your an amazing author! I had a friend start the series friend, and you inspired her to start writing her own book! You truly are amazing.

  42. I REALLY love this series and would be soooo sad if it ends. please Keep writing for us!!!

  43. Just finished book 5, very well done and enjoyed. Was wondering if you could write more books for this series.. The cliff hanger was like yes, turn page the story is over with acknowledgements, thanks through. Please just not let the book series be over yet!

  44. I want an INFINITE number of books! The series is too good to end! A series like Virals needs to keep going, especially when it has cliffhangers. Virals is my favorite book series in the universe, so it can’t end!

    • It’s really sad that it looks like that was the end of Virals. I love the series endlessly and feel a true connection to the Viral clan. If not a next book I hope a good quality series is made from the book series. Virals will never die !!!

  45. Ok, so to start off with, I would just like to say that I absolutely love the Virals series! Before Virals, I probably hadn’t changed my dedicated favorite series for three years, so that’s saying something. I know that you probably get this a lot, but please write another story. Even after reading spike, I still need more. It’s such an amazing book, and I just can’t stand the fact that the series might really be over, even though I will never truly believe that. I have some pretty good powers of persuasion but, at this point, I think I’ve just resorted to begging. So please, please, please tell me that you’re at least considering a sixth book?

  46. SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!! I truly love the “Virals” series and would absolutely LOVE if another book were to come out… or two or three or more were to come out. I cannot get enough of Tory Brennan and her pack. #ViralsForever.

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