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When is the next Virals book available?

The third installment in the Virals series, Code, will release March 12, 2013. Sorry for the long wait, but we think you’ll like it!


  1. Will there be a Virals movie?

    • Working on it!

      • Are you serious!! A virals movie would be awesome!!!!!!

        • when is the movie coming out

        • That would seriously be AMAZING!!! I am SOO addicted. Could hardly stop reading long enough to write this post lol.

      • At the end of Terminal, It says “[SPOILER]” But in the definition of the last book it says “In this trilling conclusion to the Virals series…” So I was really curious as to if there would be another book in the series or a spin off? It wrapped up quite nicely and had probably one of the best endings to a book iv’e ever read, but with how it ended, it sure kept me guessing. Obviously, I would love another book in the series (or maybe even two) 😉 I would really love to get some insight from the only person who would positively know the answer.

        • The Virals e-story SPIKE is coming this winter. Details soon!

          • In Spike what is the main plot? I know at the end of Terminal there is a pretty big cliff hanger but I don’t know how you will explain everything in a MINI book. I still thing you should write a book six.

          • I’d there going to be a virals book 6? Or even a movie? With the end of Terminal I feel like all fans including me would love a 6th book! If this does become a movie I will freak out!! It would make an amazing movie.

          • Will the e-book Spike really cover everything you left hanging in terminal??

          • YES!

          • U should make like 12 more books it’s a never ending story so plz keep going I love it ,I an relate to it plz keep going

      • WILL THERE?! Will there actually be a Virals movie?! If there isn’t you should try and incorporate Tory into an episode of Bones! That would be awesome

      • When will the virals movie come out, Just wondering?

      • may i please be tory it has been my dream since i read the first book and might i say i am a pretty good actress my self and i am around tory’s age

        -Awesome person

      • Good day Kathy,

        Please could you write a final book to Terminal, one that gives your readers closure. The ending in Terminal was brilliant but it’s torture not knowing what happens next. I’ve read Spike as well but that is too short and still left much unknown. If I’m feeling this way, I know there is thousands, if not millions of people feeling the same way I do. Blue eyes, College around the corner. Ben in the Academy. There is so much potential that you left at your disposal for an epic finale.

        A loving fan

      • I’ve never was one for reading but I do love this series I am definitely looking forward to the movie/series if you need a female actress I’m always free!

      • Please, let there be a Virals movie, I have waited for that moment since I began reading the series like 5 years ago. Ans If it cant be a movie because it would be to long, just make a serie out of it!

        Also I am sure almost everybody would absolutely love that.

    • Spread the book to friends and family! If it gets popular it will be known and could become a movie!

    • Brendon,
      One more thing, our school required is to read the first book of this amazing series for English 1, and I was pretty skeptical about the whole murder/mystery plot. But you made me fall in love with the series, and stay up until 3am reading it! 🙂 and how could I not read the whole series? LOVED it.

  2. Will there be a virals BooK 4? There are so many cliffhangers in The Code. There just has to be another book

    • There will be! Exposure next spring.

      • Will there be a virals book 6, because I finished terminal and it left me wondering.

        • No there won’t, Jenna. On the front flap of the Terminal cover states that this is the last book. Yes, I know. I want to know more as well. There could very well be a second series. Or you can just make up your own story for what happens after the Virals series.

          • Actually, there will be another mini book called ‘Spike’ answering any unanswered questions from terminal. There aren’t many details on it at the moment, but according to Brendan Reiches it will be being released in winter 2015.

        • Me too, I would LOVE for there to be another book! Its a super interesting series and i would hate to see it end.

      • I’d like you to confirm tht there will be no book after Terminal! I just really hate that cliff hanger. Honestly I was an awesome ending, but you HAVE to write another book!!!

        • SPIKE coming!

          • will i be able to buy spike in new zealand book stores

          • YES!

          • Will SPIKE be an e-special or a book you can buy in a bookstore?

          • Hey Brendan!

            I am dying for the next book! It’s eating me!!!! I was hoping that there would be a movie! PLEASE!!!!! If there is going to be a movie, I NEED to know…
            Thank you SOOOOOOOOO
            – Your #1 fan

  3. Please write a virals book 4? So many questions and cliffhangers have gone unanswered! If you are writing another virals book when is it going to be released? Please respond. 🙂

    • Exposure will be out next spring. Promise.

      • I just thought you should know that if read your book in the summer going into 8th grade. I never liked reading but decided to read yours for some reason. I loved it so much I’ve been reading books non stop since. I have your whole series on my wall and will always know it to be the amazing books that changed my mind about reading. I am 17 now and have read over a hundred books, but yours will always be my favorite. Thank you.

        • Humbled and honored. Thank you so much!

          • Brendon,
            First a huge thank you for writing/co-writing this series. It is AMAZING. Next, will the e-books clear some things up about the cliff-hanger in the epilogue of terminal? Or is it meant to take up all my thoughts and wonders everyday? Haha :). One more thing, movie? Details? 🙂 thanks!

          • Look to TRACE EVIDENCE!

      • If you read the the epilogue it shows that [SPOILER]. Does that mean there will be another book?

        • READ. SPIKE. (In Trace Evidence!)

          • I read Spike and although I loved it, I’m feigning for more. There still seems to be a story there with how things were left with Chance’s encounter. Then there are all the enemies that have vowed revenge. I loved the series and I really don’t want to say goodbye to Tory and then pack. Please say that there is more… Or at least a possibility of more. LoL. I’ve been recommending the series to anyone who will listen. Thank you for such a wonderful story.

  4. Omg hi! This is my favorite book series ever (and I read a lot) everyday at lunch my friend and talk about these books and Tori totally belongs with Ben so please have some cute flirty moments in the next book! I also want a virals t-shirt and poster so you should make some for all your awesome fans! Also make a movie and please put a count down to the next book on your website because I will go to the bookstore at 12:00 to buy it!

    Ben & Tori forever!


    • Yes to everything above, Lexi. Just be patient!

  5. Just finished The Code! This is probably my favorite book series. When is book 4 coming out in the USA? Please answer! I can’t wait!

    • Next spring. I just turned in the rough draft this week!

  6. I have tried for so long but I can’t buy shift and it isn’t available on kindle in Australia!

    • Coming soon, I promise!

      • Hi!

        So I read Virals last year, and thought, Okay, this was pretty good. I’ve never like murder mystery or just mystery in general, but this was some good stuff. It kept cropping up from time to time, and then I stumbled upon Seizure at the library! I checked it out read it…and now I’ve finished Code, not two weeks after, and have become extremely obsessed! (That’s not a good thing, is it!?!) I bought Exposure, but having heard that the fifth (and possibly final) instalment to the series will be coming out sometime in 2015, I can’t bring myself to read it; not this far from the deadline, which I’m assuming might be sometime in March(?). Anyhow, what I’m trying–and CLEARLY failing–to say is that I just want to make sure there will indefinitely be a fifth novel released sometime in 2015. The wait is killing me, and I have yet to read Exposure! (Though if I set my hands on that pretty little book sitting atop 11 other novels yet to be read, I know I’ll polish it off in two days, and that’ll be the end for another YEAR. No amount of fanfiction will be able to console me.)

        SO. I am officially done my rant and strictly apologize for stealing however-many-minutes-it-took-to-read-this of your life. I look forward to an answer, but it would be enough just knowing you’ve read this, believe me.

        Now ALL THAT having been said, I wish you a good day (night?).


        • TERMINAL will be out in March 2015. That’s a promise! Read away.

  7. OMG i love this series! My friend and i are always finding pictures of guys wr think could be Ben, Hi and Shelton (although we mostly find Ben ones) and send them to eachother! Love the series! Can’t wait for a movie if its coming and the next book in the spring!

  8. Are you really THE Brendan who wrote the Book series? I love virals and i am really looking forward to the 4th part

    • I am THE Brendan. I like how THAT looks.

  9. My entire family (4 People) are fighting for a turn for the library copy of your books! I have dibs on Exposure. I,m gonna die waiting…

  10. When can I preorder this?

    • I think now!

  11. Do you have any clue to when or if there will be a movie on your book series viral. I love the series and can’t wait to get exposure.

    • We’re hoping for something soon, but this process is sooooo slooooow.

  12. hi brendan! i am such a fan of the virals series–currently reading code. I have heard some rumors floating around that there would be a movie for virals, but i wasn’t sure they were true. Will there really be a movie coming out? –Della

    • Still working on it. Hollywood moves sloooowly.

  13. O my gosh I just absolutely love the Virals Series! My BFF and I absolutely freaked when we heard that code came out last year and we are sooo excited for Exposure to come out! I can’t wait for the movie (If there’s going to be one)!
    One of your number one fans,

  14. If a virals movie does come out, when is it expected to be released?

    • I couldn’t guess at this point. Too many factors.

  15. Hi Brendan, You by far is my favorite author with great stories to tell! I finished all of the Viral Books and have to read more! Can’t wait for Exposure!

    • I like you, Jacob.

  16. I love how all of us book nerds are commenting to authors on a blog (kinda?). It’s totally amazing. But!

    I started the series a few days ago and was instantly hooked. I just finished all of the books and was looking for the release date of Exposure (I. Can’t. Freaking. Wait.) when I stumbled across this blog (again- kinda?) and had to ask- after Exposure, are you planning on adding more to the series? …..or shall we (the fandom) stock up on tissues?

    • There will be a fifth Virals book, at the very least. Save the tissues for later.

      • Whooo! Thanks!

  17. Hey Brendan, I just finished Code this morning and well it made me cry. You
    don’t know how long I waited for that book. And you end it in a shocking twist. But
    I am guessing I will have to get over it, because the Virals are my life. You can resond if you like. Bye

    • Don’t freak out Kimberli! You’ll like how things play out in Exposure. Thanks for reading. Bye back.

      • I won’t freak but i am hoping that your book won’t be sold of the shelves of the book stores. I am a 13 year old with a lot of history of reading. I am gave up my video games for books like yours. You an idol to my writing of the books i write. Maybe one day you could read my books amd like them as much as i do.

  18. When does Exposure will be released in Germany? Really waiting for it!!!! 🙂

    • Not sure yet, but should definitely be sometime in 2014.

  19. I just read the 4th book. It was amazing!!!! When is the 5th book going to come out?

  20. I just finished Exposure and it was amazing! Will there be a fifth Virals book? Exposure has an amazing cliffhanger.

  21. I’ve read all three books in less than a week’s time for each book. I’m so addicted. I feel like an unsupervised little kid running around in a candy-shop with $20 when I read y’all’s books. Thank y’all for writing them!

  22. I’m infatuated with these books! I am in the process of reading Exposure (started part 2: Jinxed) and I sorta skipped to the VERY last line and that alone leaves so much to come! Do you have a name for the 5th book, if there IS a 5th book? (Please say that you and your mom are writing a 5th! It would make my day… Or week…. Or year….) Love you both and do you guys do book signings?

  23. Hi, Mr. Reichs. I am a huge fan and have read the Virals series multiple times already and found out there is a new book, Exposure. I cant wait to get it! Virals is my favorite series by far. It’s wierd how it’s like you cant pick a favorite song because you like so many but as soon as I read Virals, Seizure, and Code I knew they were my favorite books. Many people cant read the same book or watch the same movie over and over again, but I can (especially the Virals series). I also heard about a movie and am psyced to hear more about it. In addition to all that, I read there is going to be a fifth book(not sure what it’s called but cant wait anyway)! Please, please, please never stop writing such amazing additions to the Virals series. I will keep my eyes and ears peeled, waiting for more information. Thank you so much for this opportunity to always have a book/series to read and never get sick or bored of.

  24. Will there be a virals movie?! That would be amazing and really make the books more popular!

  25. I loved Exposure. It was amazing. I wasn’t epecting the twist at the end!! Can’t wait for the fifth book to come out. Please, if or when you can, give us some details!! The Virals series is my without a doubt my favorite book series. Good job writing and keep up the good work for more books to come!

  26. Ok so, I just finished. Exposure and loved it! I was Reading the comments and is there really going to be a movie? That would be so awesome!!!!! I love this series its probobly my fav series and I an an EXTREAME bookworm I admit it. But plz let there he a movie!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. I just finished reading Exposure and couldn’t stop reading the last 5 sentences. Brendan Riechs, you and your mom really know how to leave readers wanting more. You definitely have me waiting for Terminal to come out next year. I can’t wait, literally. As soon as I finished Exposure I nearly screamed. Haha. I’m still hearing about a Virals movie, which is so cool. But what I really want to know is if you will make my day by telling me that there will be more books after Terminal, or break my heart by telling me that Terminal is the last in the series.

    • *Please write back before my head explodes from freaking out. I really hope you and your mom keep writing more books in the Virals series.

  28. Hi! Virals is the best series that I’ve ever read. I just want to know if you’re going to make a movie, and if you are, if all of the Virals adventures will be incorporated into one movie, or if they’ll be formatted like the books. Thank you!

    • We need a deal in place first! Working on it.

  29. Hi! I read Virals when it first came out (when I was about 8 or 9) and have been waiting for new ones to come forever. I finished Exposure about a month ago (literally two days after it was released in Australia). Do you have any idea who is playing Tori in the new movie (because there WILL be one)? If you do could you give me contact info? Ever since I read the first book I wanted to be the one playing her in the movie (and is it weird that I practice her best lines in my room as if it were a movie…). I thought I was Tori and the book was based off me at first because I actually am smart (12 in yr9 and doing yr 10 math in yr 9) and I WILL be 13-14 in yr10. Please give me absolutely ANY detail for the movie PLEASE because indeed to know. If you haven’t thought of anyone for the role though….. You have my address. But seriously though, PLEASE make a movie. Please

  30. What will the fifth book to the Virals series be called and what will the release date be?

    • Terminal! March 2015!

  31. Not that I don’t like the books, (exposure is amazing) but didn’t Kathy Reichs write them? That’s what the cover says anyway…

    • (check the cover a second time!)

  32. Hello,

    I just finished the fourth book of the Virals, exposure, and was wondering if there will be a fifth. Won’t reveal anything to those who haven’t read it yet but I loved the ending and what a cliff-hanger! Please tell me how long it is until the fifth book is coming out (assuming one will with an ending like that). Any updates on a film?

    • Terminal will release in March 2015. Film discussions are ongoing, but no deal yet.

  33. I love the series. I’ve gone through the first three books in 2 days. I am itchy for the fourth book and will go get it soon! I hope there will be a movie deal struck. I love that there will at least be a fifth book too! As far as I’m concerned… I say keep them rolling. They are awesome!

  34. We need the Virals movie!!!!!!! Please give us one!

  35. I loved the whole series! Can’t wait until March 2015 I can’t wait to see what is going to happen with chance and the romance between Ben and Tory. Its just exciting!! I really hope you gyys can make the series into movies. They would become my favoritemovies.

  36. Firstly i would just like to say that your books are amazing, i’ve been reading the virals series since its release and now i’ve started on the Temperance Brennan series and i have to say they’re tied with Harry Potter for my favorite series. My grade 10 english teacher even assigned a virals book as a project once. Love from Nova Scotia

    PS Please share news about a movie deal soon

  37. I LOVE THIS SERIES!! Brendan and Kathy you are incredible writers!! I’m hooked on your every word!! I started out with Seizure (I’m aware that its the second one) when my mom got it for me and I took a while getting the first one because I wanted it with the same kind of cover, but I got it. I read it so fast! So The next time I saw Code I had to get it, and while shopping in Chapters (favorite bookstore) I saw Exposure in hardcover, but I dont get hardcovers because they cost a more money so instead I got it on my eReader and I LOVED all the stuff about Tori and Ben! So cute and totally meant to be. Please give them a happy ending but with SOME troubles because that’s what makes things interesting on that front I think.

    I LOVE THE CASES!! My mom reads Kathy’s more mature books and she loves them! I like how you have the older ones about Temperance Brennan and in the younger books it’s about her great niece Tori!! CLEVER!!

    I’m really looking forward to the fifth book!! It’s going to be incredible!! Hope it’s not the last!!

    I also really hope that you get that movie deal! Please try and stick to the books though! Thanks a bunch! YOU GUYS ARE INCREDIBLE!!

  38. What is the fifth virals book

  39. I’m a bit confused because I have been watching the series bones and you say that temperance Brennan is Tori’s great aunt yet she doesn’t look old enough. Is the series Bones about temperance in her early years? I wouldn’t be sure because the technology was quite advanced. Thanks,


    • Dear Ellie, the series Bones is not the same as the books. The books are about temperance Brennan, who is divorced and has a daughter. The series is about another Tempe, who is much younger than the one in the book and a bit different to her. So the books do not fit to the series. 🙂

      • Thanks 🙂

    • Correct, Bones is Tempe in her earlier years.

  40. Oh my gosh I am hooked on this series! Can You give me a small summary on terminal please!

    Have you discussed a deal for a movie yet! I am going to go at midnight if one comes out! If so could I act as Chance Claybourne?

    • Terminal will involve the Virals. And will pick up where Exposure stopped. (Worst answer ever? ;))

      • Ok just want to say that if there is a virals movie make sure I am in it 😉 😉 I recently (this September) started the series and I have read all of the books in a month!!! They were soo good and I got my friends interested!! I LOVE and HATE the cliffhanger in Exposure but I understand that you need to hook the people into buying the next books!!!

  41. I could be Ella!!

  42. Do you plan on stopping at terminal or do you plan to stop at terminal or keep going. FYI I love the series and need more soon.

  43. Kathy and Brendan you guys are just the best, I almost died at last page. I was so excited and I almost peed my pants cause that’s what I always do when I read these books. It took me a day and a half and I was so so so excited to finally read this book. When you have an exact date for when Terminal will come out in March please tell us because I’m really excited and can’t wait! 🙂 oh and I know everyone says this but please convince people to make a movie out of this cuz it’s just the best series ever!!! Thanks for creating amazing books!

    • Hi I ❤ the Virals series and I’m wondering if your only going to have five books, or will there be more ( hopefully ) I ABSOLUTLY ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ the VIRALS series

      Thanks Mariam

  44. Hi! I absolutely love the virals series and can’t wait for the fifth book to come out!!! Can’t you give any of us ( your fans) so spoilers its to long of a wait till march 2015!!! Please hurry!!!!!

  45. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I am really hoping that there is a Vials movie. I am reading exposure right now and I can’t wait to get the next one. I think that Kathy and Brendan are AMAZING writers. I love them!!

  46. Hi. I LOVE the whole vitals and just finished reading Exposure and can not wait to read Terminal. Can you tell me what it will be about?

  47. I can not wait tell terminal comes out. I Will get on on my kobo as soon as it comes out. I have been reading the virals series since grade four and all the waiting is killing me. Sooo i must read terminal. I also love the Ben and tory thing so please ad some romantic stuff in terminal

  48. I am a big fan of the Viral books. I am very pleased to find out that there will be a book 5. Thank you for bringing this story to life. All of the characters are interesting and it’s a lot of fun to read. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you will be able to make the movies happen.

  49. Hi Brendan,
    I am in love with your books. I seriously wish I lived in Charleston and was Tori’s best friend. I would like to know if there will be a sixth book after Terminal? I also was wondering if you know what year the movie will come out if it does happen? Thanks for being the greatest author ever!

  50. I’ve loved this series since not long before the second book came out. Let us know when Virals will hit the big screen. And please make it a movie and not a tv show.

    -Mr. Lonely

  51. Hi,
    So I just finished reading exposure 5 minutes ago!! It was AMAZING!!! And I have to know if there is going to be a 5th book!?! When is released in Australia?? And is there going to be a virals movie??
    P.s Your books are amazing!!

  52. A series, possibly linked to “Bones”, may be better than a movie?

  53. Firstly, i can’t believe more boys read this or maybe they just don’t comment. Also, amazing books, just finished exposure now… Not going to ask whether there is goin to be another book caus I know terminal is comin out in 2015 only wish it could come sooner. I’d just like to compliment both you (Brendan) and Kathy on your awesome writing skills. Never guessed chance would… Oops no spoilers for those who haven’t read it.

  54. Omg I absolutely love the virals series! I can’t wait until the next one comes out! I’m glad you have considered making virals a movie because it would make a great movie. I loved the ending of exposure. I also kinda hated the way you made it a cliffhanger. But I guess that’s how you make it more interesting.

  55. hi, im a HUGE fan of the virals series and can’t wait for the fifth book. i was wondering when it will be coming out and what it will be called? i heard that there might be a movie but wasn’t sure if that was true so i was wondering if you had the answer.

  56. Will you be coming to Philadelphia if there will be a Terminal book signing?

    • Tour dates will be announced this fall. Hope so, we’ve never been!

      • Have you been able to narrow down the dates of the book tour? You came ro my school last year, and I got hooked. I even have the signed library copy of Code!!!!!! I wsih to see you around!!!!

  57. These books are like gods gift to earth they should be classified as part of the seven wonders. But please I beg of you if you do shoot a movie please follow the book and don’t take a whole different story line or change things because when ever that happens to me I watch the movie and cry I literally cry because that just ruins the magic of reading the books series because then you look at the characters a different way and its not a good one. Love the series keep going!!!

  58. please tour to edmonton,Ab,Canada i would really like to meat you guys and thank you for making such great books.

  59. Hi! I just wanted to say how much I love these books, been reading them since the first one came out! These books are what inspired me to write! I am so looking forward to reading the next one! I am dying to see what happens! Also, I really hope the movie can happen!

  60. Hi! Just wanted to say that I love the Virals series soooo much and that I literally just finished Exposure 5 minutes ago. LOVED the flirty bits between Ben and Tory and can there please be some more of that in the next book? Like, a lot more? Cause to be honest,I’m a 14 year-old girl and those are my favourite parts. Ahhhh the twist with Chance was, to me, so unexpected and weird. If there is going to be a movie, please don’t break my heart by changing it and not doing the book justice. After the Hunger Games, Percy Jackson and so many more movies that were terrible compared to the book (OMG Percy Jackson was honestly the worst. They randomly put a freaking Titan in it and ruined the plot of the rest of the series *sigh*), I really can’t take another bad movie. I actually would prefer there wasn’t a movie (sorry about the negativeness about movies into books) but if there is going to be one, please make it good. Looking forward to the next book so much so please write as quickly as you can! Haha, thanks for the great series xxx

  61. When i finished reading code, I literally, jumped out of my chair, and threw the book across the room, screaming, because it was midnight and i knew i would have to wait until 9AM to get Exposure out. Then after I’d finished Exposure, I punched a wall because this time i knew i’d have to wait until NEXT YEAR to get the next book. AAAGH, feels. But i just wanted to say – you guys are AMAZEBALLS and everyone should read your book, and i think a few people high up in the movie industry should too. *subtle hints* anyway. You guys are cool. You created my OTP. So, yeah. Thank you for releasing these outstanding quality books xxx

  62. Hello, I Absolutly LOVE the Virals series! I just barely finished Exposure and I was stunned by the end and I would like to know if there is going to be a fifth Virals book. Please answer me, I must know! Thanks. MMMMMKAY bye. 🙂
    Ps. I admire your work on the Virals series and I plan to become an author myself one day and I hope to become as successful and as talented as you.

    • Thank you! (And check the front page – TERMINAL!)

  63. Hi!

    Hello Mr. Reichs, read the first two Virals books in a month, and am currently working on The Code. I was wondering is there going to be a movie? I would die if there was. This is my second favorite series next to The Lunar Chronicles. If there is a movie would you let us know, because I know that all of the fans would just freaking freak out over that.

    And are you the real Brendan Reichs, son of famous forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs, cause if not I feel utterly stupid right now.

    Thank you and please reply back.


    • It’s me! Working on it!

  64. I love the Virals series!!!!! I hope to be an author when I grow up, and I hope that I can write books as good as yours! When will Terminal be out? I have already finished every book, including the Ebooks, and its so hard to wait! Keep writing amazing books! And I also love your Temperance Brennen books!

  65. Ok so I’ve been hearing that there is going to be a fifth book in the virals series, but then again I’ve been hearing the opposite so I was wondering if there is going to be a fifth book?

    P.S. This is one of my favorite series, and I read A LOT and by a lot I mean I read all the books in this series in 1 week!!!

    Thanks, and keep on being an amazing author!

  66. OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD I CANT WAIT FOR THE FIFTH BOOOOKKKK (The Fandom is rising faster than a little kid on Christmas)
    (Also is BenxTory canon? Their my OTP) (OTP means One True Pairing)

  67. Just wondering… How would Victoria react to her (Online) fanclub, all in a herd, just came thundering towards her, screaming her name, asking for signatures, dates, marriages, (Ect.)
    And how would the guys react? (Hiram, Shelton, Jason, Ben, Chance, Kit)
    I’m sure Hi would laugh and tease Victoria… But i’m not sure about the rest. (I love Hiram btw. Keep him Kawaii)

  68. Can you possibly give us a sneak peak to the next novel? Please?!?!?!

    • There are two sample chapters included with Shock, available for download in February. I can’t give another sample before that, sorry! But you won’t regret getting Shock. It’s the story of Tory’s first day on Morris Island.

  69. I just saw the blurb for Terminal and note that it says that it is the last book in the series!! 🙁 I wish it could go on forever!!

    I’m just wondering if there is any word on the book series becoming a movie and if it will be released in Australia?

    • Still nothing yet on a movie, sorry!

  70. Hi this is an amazing series!!! thankyou so much for writing a 5 book! you one of my fav authors!! will there be another book? (book 6?) cuz it seems like all the virals worst fears will be coming together in this one, and then everybody will be crying at the end for another…. aint that right guys!?? these books are just too good.
    lets all signature a document for a virals movie huh??
    or a tv series?

  71. Hey Brendan I just finished Terminal and was wondering if there is going to be another book, and or another series with the same characters and story line? The series was AMAZING!! I love to read, and my friend recommended this series to me, and ever since I started reading it I couldn’t stop! Everything about the series was great, but with the ending of terminal you guys are going to make at least one more book right?

  72. I want to ask the same thing as Lola. Will there be a 6th book? I know my opinion won’t matter much, but I was thinking you could do 10 years or something in their future with their kids, maybe their kids being infected? Like even though they took the vial, it wasn’t erased from their DNA so they have it to their kids… Like show Tori and Ben’s kids, and whoever Hi and Shelton marry and have kids with. And probably all still friends? I don’t know, just suggestions. I love these books, and it would be a good way for people to see if Tori and Ben stay together, and if they all stay friends. Not that my opinion matters, but I just thought I’d let you know. Plus, Kathy inspired me to go to college when I graduate high school and become a forensic anthropologist. Just thought I’d throw that in there.

  73. I also agree, I mean with that last line in your book Terminal, I mean come on that was almost mean. I love this series and I just really hope that there is a sixth book telling what happens. please if you can get back to this I’d really appreciate. I mean this series was the best thing that I’ve ever read it kept me on the edge of my seat, and I’d really hat to see this series end.

    • I mean I agree with Lola. Sorry.

  74. I agree with Megan and Lola, I really want a 6th book to at least tie up some loose ends. I want to know if the others can still flare, and if they can, can Chance still flare? If they can all flare are they all now one pack? What does this mean for their future? Honestly I know these are a lot of questions but I have to know!

  75. Hi… Just honestly want to beg that you please write a sixth book!! There are serious questions still left unanswered and I am sure there are lots of fans who won’t mind paying for another book if that meant closure!! Please just consider it, won’t you??

    Huge fan of your book

  76. I agree with Jeani, there are lots of questions that have been left unanswered and I really do hope that there will be a 6th book to give everyone closure.
    I LOVE this series!!!!
    Please write another………..

  77. If terminal is the last one I will cry. There has to be more what’s with the blue eyes? Isn’t that kind of a cliffhanger?

  78. Temperance Brennan got like 17 books Tory should to. Pleasssse Terminal just can’t be the last one even if it stays conclusion to this series, like really with the cliffhanger

  79. Thanks so much, Brendan, for a fun and inspiring series. You have made your characters come alive! I also love the island setting and the descriptions of the local area. Completely different to what we have here in New Zealand. I’m looking forward to your next book. Take care of yourself.

  80. I love this series. I bought the first book a couple of months after it came out and have previously ordered since. I have heard rumors that the fifth book was last book in the series. I hope that’s not true. I was just getting to come to terms with the fact that I would have to say goodbye to these amazing characters, that last page threw me for a loop. A sixth book would be greatly appreciated. I would like a movie but I feel like this is the sort of book that would flop as a movie. I would like to ask what inspired the story line. of the entire series.

    • Sorry I ment preordered not previously ordered.

  81. Omg hi im a HUGE FAN. I love to read and i think everything about the series is amazing. For example the action, secrets, lies, romance, deception, plottwists, and the cliffhangers! When i finished boook five i couldnt believe the cliffhanger. (Tory and ben dating, the blue eyes, etc) Anyways i have a couple of questions for you
    1) Will there be a virals movie?
    2) Do you think it would be possible to make the virals series a videogame series?
    3) Will there be a book 6?

  82. Plz make another Virals book. Mabey start a second season of the books? A lot of authors do that to series such as Rangers Aprentice or Warriors. Although I don’t really like Warriors. The idea of cats traveling over the world isn’t that intriguing to me. But I want this series to continue because it was a good ending point but it leaves you wanting more. I mean she tries to flare and she gets so mad that she dose but her eyes are blue instead of yellow. And it just makes your heart pump wanting to continue. I don’t know what most people do when they get excited but my breath shortens into a sort of gasp. So plz continue.

  83. I haven’t read Terminal yet, but I hope there is a movie for the book, and I also hope that there will be more books then just Terminal. Please make more!!!!

  84. I really want to know if this is going to become a movie? I loved the end of exposure, Tory and Ben forever! I was literally running around my house when Troy and Ben finally got together and my sister and mom were yelling at me what’s wrong with you! And I couldn’t stop squealing so they were yelling at me to be quite! Well I hope that it becomes a movie!

  85. YOU MUST MAKE A 6TH BOOK ASAP PLEASE I LOVE THE VIRALS SERIES! I love reading and my friend Olivia recommend it to me and it is the single BEST series I EVER read and I’ve read a million books in my life so you have to make another book if you do that would be awesome

  86. Please right a sixth book. Terminal didn’t exactly seem well very final

    • SPIKE SPIKE SPIKE (short story!)

      • Will you be making the books into a movie? I think it’s a wondeful idea and that you should use the books as the script (or at least stay as close to the books as possible!). Please try to make this a thing! I actually love this series and really relate to Tory (same age, same looks and same characteristics). I would love to see this happen!

  87. Can I ask if there will be a book 6? I heard Terminals would be the last one (and the name suggests as such) but I was confused as the last line of Terminals was a bit confusing. I don’t want to put anything on here incase people who haven’t read the book read this, but is there anything you can say that would explain the Epilogue, even if it is just to say there will or won’t be a book 6?

  88. Is there another book after terminal?!?!? I really hope there is, I mean what do the blue eyes mean? Can they still flare? Is the flaring different? What about chance and the others with red eyes? Can they flare? Did there eyes also change color? And Tory and Ben! Finally! I was pretty much running around my house squealing I was so happy that it FINALLY happened. What about the government agents? Are they still chasing them? I have many more questions! I really hope you write at LEAST, hopefully more, books so it can answer all my questions.
    P.S. Tory and Ben forever!!!!

  89. There absolutely has to be another book. I can’t wait to read Spike, but I want more!! Tory and Ben are great. Love Chance too. Love all the characters actually. Even Whitney. Absolutely devastated by the cliffhanger in Terminal!!! Love the idea of a new ‘Viral’ strain…..

    Can’t wait for more!


  91. Hi if you do end up having a virals movie, will you make it an open casting call because acting and virals and two of my favourite thing in the world!

    • YESSSS!!!! That would be the best thing ever!!!

  92. I was wondering what the latest news on the movie idea is.

    P.S. This book series is AMAZING. It is something totally different!!

  93. Please, please, please make a book to follow the short story “Spike.” It would make all of us Virals fans the happiest people ever.
    P.S. Tory and Ben were so ment to be from the beginning.

  94. I just finished terminal and i love it SO MUCH!!! I’m so excited for spike and honestly cant wait!!! P.S: I SHIP TORY AND BEN SO MUCH AND AM SO GLAD HOW IT ENDED!!! AHHH

  95. Please write another book there are so many things unanswered!!!!!!!

  96. Is there going to be a sixth book apart from the next e-book? The ending to Terminal was sort of ambiguous about it.

  97. The Virals series is one of the best I have ever read and I was really wondering (hoping) if there would be a 6th Virals book. The end of book 6 is a total cliffhanger, but it feels like it needs at least 1 more book.
    Also, a movie would be GREAT!!!!
    I am a huge fan.

  98. Omigosh Terminal… AMAZING! That last line killed me! I wish this series to never, ever end! My mum and sister also read these books and we were just screaming at eachother when we’d all finished Terminal! Pleeeeeaasee make another… or 2… or 5..! I CRIED SO MUCH WITH HAPPINESS WITH TORY AND BEN OMG YESSSS!!!! *passes out*

  99. I just re-read the whole series in a week. My life is over ;-;

  100. Just relised that Brendan hasn’t actually said there won’t be a next book… I know the blurb for Terminal says it not but really, big cliffhanger that could deffinitely be followed up witha a 6th book or even another series! Please make another!!!!
    P.S. When will Spike be released?

  101. I got Terminal this morning and just finished it. I absolutely refused to put the book down because it’s so interesting. Brendan you’re an AMAZING writer!! But after Spike will the series end? Even if it does this series is by far my favorite of them all.

  102. I have read all of Kathy reiches books and they are great. But when started reading the virals books. I thought they were amazing and very hard to put down. I read terminal vintage one day.I liked the ending. And regardless of when spike comes out.I think there are more virals stories to tell. Explore Ben and torys relationship. Have them working with the government the possibilitys are endless

  103. what happens between Ben and Troy I really want to know.

  104. Hi, Brendan. I just finished reading Terminal, and I loved it! The end really got me curious. Are you really going to make a sixth book of the series. Also, will there really be a movie based on the books? Please answer my questions as soon as you can. P.S I really love your books! You are such an amazing writer. I love writing stories and I hope to become a great novelist like you some day.

    • Thank you! And keep writing! SPIKE, which in part of the short story collection TRACE EVIDENCE, releasing 2/2/16, will answer the lingering questions of Terminal!

  105. Hey, I consider Virals to be the most awesome series around. I have nearly read them twice through ( roughly halfway through the last one at this moment) and i think that you both have written them incredibly well. I would like to know if there is actually going to be a movie or at least if you actually are still trying to organize it? oh and also if there will be a sixth book? i know Spike is coming out but will that one along with shock and shift (i think they are the names) but are they available in actual book versions or are they only digital?
    I am a really big fan, and i LOVE the Virals series, thank you ever so much for writing them!

  106. I want Tory and Ben will be together.

  107. I really loved the Virals series, and i am just wondering if a) there will be a movie, and b) if there will be a sixth book too the series? Like how the main characters are [SPOILERS].

    • No movie deal right now, and only Trace Evidence is planned. But never say never.

  108. Is there another book coming after terminal? I mean the cliff hanger was huge! I really hope so! It’s my favorite book series!

    • Yes, there will be. Spike is coming out this winter. Is there a specified date Brendan?

      • 2/2/16!

        • That’s my birthday when I will be 10 and I come from England

  109. Hello!
    I love Virals series 🙂 I’m from Poland and I must wait a long time when next part Virals appear in Poland 🙁 Maybe You know something about it when 4th part will be available in Poland?

  110. Is there going to be a new virals book for when [SPOILER]?

    • Spike, in Trace Evidence, coming 2/2/16!

      • Is there going to be another paperback coming out to tie up loose ends? Just not sure if the above mentioned is paperback or electronic?

        • TRACE EVIDENCE. Spike, a short story included in the collection, takes place after the events of Terminal.!

  111. I know there’s going to be Spike, but are you concidering any spin off series or anything like that? Also I like those book covers 🙂

  112. So I have read all the books. I purchased Trace Evidence, and I read Spike But, there seems like there should be…more to the story, what with Chance, and Ella, and everything. Even though it doesn’t leave you confused, it leaves you guessing. I would really like to know what happens with the Virals, if they ever tell anyone, or if they find any more mysteries that they have to solve. Thanks!

  113. I have read all the Virals books, including the new book, Trace Evidence. Even though Spike concluded a lot of things, and helped explain the end of Terminal a little better, it didn’t explain everything. I think Virals should have another book, especially with all the questions from Chance and Ella. I would be interested in knowing what happens with the Virals, if they ever tell anyone their secret, or if they find any more mysteries they have to solve. Thanks!

  114. Okay I love this series, it interests me even though I’m 15. I have read 1,000s of books, (no joke) and this one makes me want to read more. I finished book 2 and I am ordering book3. I have heard Terminal ends in a cliff hanger… and that the next mini story ties it up. Is there any order that I am supposed to read the books. From what I know I read 1 – 5 then the mini story. Will there be any more continuation after the mini story?


    • The books go in regular order: Virals, Seizure, Code, Exposure, and Terminal. There are also Virals short stories collected in the book Trace Evidence, and include Spike, which is set after the events of Terminal and ties some things up. The other three stories in Trace Evidence, Shift, Swipe, and Shock, can be read at any time, because they don’t effect the main plotlines. But if you’re a stickler for timing, Shift takes place between Seizure and Code, Swipe takes place after Exposure, and Shock takes place before everything, as it is a flashback to Tory’s first day on the island. Got it? Got it.

      • Yes, but will you write additional books? You know, coming after Trace Evidence.

  115. (Spoiler!!!) Spike did not really answer ALL of the questions, you know….. For example, Why was Chance asking so many questions? And did he also have this “Permanent Flare” thing? So you HAVE to continue the series…… maybe Chance could have eyes that flare green or maybe blue, just like the original Virals pack…. You could start it as a new series were maybe some random person, like a janitor that was cleaning out Chance’s lab got infected and it spread to some other people. Or perhaps some new person will move into Moray island and see the weirdness of the gang’s eyes. This could be a interesting and totally do-able spin-off series! I’m just saying that you should totally continue the Virals’ stories!

  116. I love your books sooooo much I have read every single one and have watched every episode of bones that has ever aired and it is amazing. I just wanted to know if there is going to be a movie. I hope you answer I have even gotten my sister to start reading them and she loves them too.

    • No movie right now, but never say never!

  117. Hey Brendan, just finished all five books as audio books. I was wondering if you will release an audio book version of trace evidence with Cristin Miliotti narrating again. Also great job on this series. Fantastic books well written and narrated. I really hope you consider extending this virals series or possibly starting a new one taking place a little way down the road somehow. Like David Eddings did with the Belgariad and Mallorean series. Thanks for what you’ve done so far!

    • No audio for Trace Evidence yet but I’ll look into it!

  118. So with the series possibly over, the movie deal still not happening, and Nemesis coming soon, could we be informed if there will be anything else added on to the Virals series?

  119. Hi

    Just wanted to say that i have just finished reading Terminal and loved every single bit of it. I will be getting the short story Spike but would really love it if another full length story came out about the Virals. I love your work and have enjoyed the series emensely. Hope there will be more to come

  120. Hey Brendan. I literally just finished Terminal, and at the end, [SPOILER EDIT] I am literally dying for answers. Does this get covered in Trace Evidence or is it just a cliff hanger for the fans to make up? Please tell me!

    • Read Spike!

  121. Im really confused. Is there going to be a movie or was that shut down? I REALLY enjoyed the books and wanted to see more of it! Such good books!

    • No movie at the moment. Triste.

      • I love the virals series

  122. Hi Brendan. Is there going to be a book after spike? I want another book so badly!!

  123. Hi Brendan. Is there going to be a book after spike? I want another book so badly!! Love your work!

  124. I’m looking forward to the german translation of the 4th & 5th book and the short stories. I hope to read them in german. Any news?

  125. hey I know its been a very long time since there has been any action taken towards the virals series but I really really love the books, and was just wandering if there is any hope of any further progress in the series?

  126. Please answer honestly: will there be another book behind Terminal and the novels?
    Please say yes.
    Please please please please please.

  127. And by the way, I really really love Virals and honestly think that it’s as good as Harry Potter.????

  128. Will “Spike” ever be published in a hardcover book? That’s all I read from, hardcover books! And will there be more books coming? Great writing!

  129. Do you have any other books in the works, along this theme and when would they be available?

  130. Hi Brendan! I’m a big fan of the Virals series and also Bones. Love them so much!! yet, it’s pretty sad that I can’t find Terminal in Hong Kong’s bookstore. What should I do? by the way, it’s 2018! Will there be a Virals movie? please say yessss

  131. Omg, I really like Nemesis and I LOVE the Virals series, I was just wondering when the next Nemesis book is coming out and if there will be a Virals movie? I’m one of your biggest fans, honestly and you inspired me to become an author (I’m working on a book series called TRAPPED as I write). It would be really great if you replied, and just sayin’, I squealed like a little girl when Kathy Reichs liked one of my comments on Facebook.

    Again, I love your work, and you and your mom are my heroes.

  132. Is there going to be a new paper book after terminal??? Please I really want you to keep writing I’ve read all your viral books like 3 times each and I need more!
    Please your writing is amazing and always catches me by surprise when most mystery books don’t. I’ve followed you since exactly after you released the first vitals book.


  133. Hi I really love this book series and have been waiting for news.
    Is there going to be another book after spike or is it just over because I don’t want it to be over.

  134. Brenden,

    I’ve seen a lot of people ask this, but I can’t find a good answer. Will there be a book after Spike? The series were so good that I read all of them in six days. I really don’t want them to end here! Why was Chance so suspicious? Will their powers evolve? My favorite series. A lot of people are counting on you to make another book!!!

  135. Since there haven’t been any more replies I guess this IS the end 😓. I love the Virals and hope that they live on in our (the fans’ hearts forever)❤️

  136. I ‘ve read all the books except the short stories but after reading the review most people have said that they are really short. All I want to say is that I would LOVE another book and this is the closest I have come in contact with Kathy Reichs. The only thing I didn’t really like was the fact that(SPOILERS) Tory and Chance didn’t get together instead Tory was with Ben (who I don’t really like much). Also I’m guessing that no one will actuallly reply because it’s been like a year since anyone has used this website. I REALLLLLLLLLYYY want another book and A MOVIE!!!

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