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So is Virals going to be a movie? And what does the cover of Terminal symbolize? Virals is a red wolf, Seizure is a yellow treasure chest, Code a blue cache (?) and Exposure a green thumb drive (?), so what is Terminal? I can’t make it out, a chamber maybe? Please elaborate!

The Terminal cover is ….. a black helicopter. What could that mean?


  1. a helicopter??
    Oooh. I’m extremely intrigued.
    i have my ideas of what could happen, but knowing you two it’s going to twist a completely different direction.

  2. Is it a kidnapping? Or. Flying to a TOP SECRET RESEARCH FACILITY OFF THE COAST OF GUAM!?!? ( whoops…reading Vitro, uhh *no comment*)

    But seriously, like alandra, knowing you, it’ll go off in a very different direction…..but whAT COULD IT MEAN!!?!?!? Ist book, wolf, discover powers…IInd book, treasure chest+flag, lesbian pirate….III, cache or (electrode???) (love geocaching BTW), Gamemaster…..IV , junglescape, kidnapped welfare babies…..V, helicopter, WHAAATT?? Something to do with Trinity , no idea. I heard you said DNA symbol is symbolic, HOOOOWWW!?!? Mutations? Parvovirus spreads? Trinity injects mundanes and gives them powers?

  3. Does the black helicopter symbolize the black helecopter they see following them? I seen it said it was a black helicopter and I remembered there was one following them.

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