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Since Virals book 5 “TERMINAL” is the last book of the series, What will you miss the most about writing this series? Any Hints on what your new book series will be about?

I love these characters. It’ll be hard trying to slip into the minds of brand new people, but I’m really looking forward to it.

As to my next series …. here’s a tease: What if you were murdered … but didn’t die? What if it happened more than once?


  1. DON’T END VIRALS!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!! And if you must, please don’t split them up.

  2. I have the Terminal release in my calender, but I’m already interested in that next book!


  4. Pleases anything but the end of the series… ANYTHING BUT THE END!!!

  5. Don’t split the Virals up! And don’t kill any of them, I sort of got the impression from the title…

  6. Arrrgh! I just finished the book! I can’t believe it’s the last one! The ending was great, if a bit sad. Though the Epilogue was kinda confusing…..

    • OMG, I was so confused too! Did she become a viral again but with blue eyes or what?


  7. That epilogue, what happened? *Spoilers Alert*

    • Look for the short story SPIKE this winter!

    • I was totally confused too!

  8. Please please please PLEASE write another Virals book. You can’t end the book on a cliffhanger and then say that there isn’t going to be anymore. It’s just not right! I want to know what has happened! Are they still Virals? If you dot write another full novel at least write a novella! Please please PLEASE?! I’m begging you…… please?

    • I agree there should be a sequel series. There needs to be more maybe the sequel series should be made after nemesis

  9. I wanted to write a FanFic about what I think happens next, but I was hoping you would just say there’s going to be another book….I LOVE writing, so it would be fun to write a FanFic, but wanted to be sure it would be OK if I posted it on Wattpad or if there’s going to be another book.

  10. Please don’t end virals, unless the new series is a second virals series from a different characters perspective please write another one. The ending is a cliffhanger we need to know what happens to them.

  11. Yes pls do not stop writing. I love this series and the suspense at the end of the novel is killing.

  12. Ok my brain is going haywire right now!!!! CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHERE HER EYES CHANGES AT THE END!!!I don’t want to go in depth in case anyone hasn’t read it but please tell me what the hell is happening!!

    • Read Spike!

  13. Does spike have something to do with what happened at the end of the Terminal epilogue

    • YES!

  14. A big fan

  15. So spike is thw last one? Damn, i read all the books in six days

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