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Random question, have you asked the publisher if they would allow, and provide, promotional material for the series to be sent out to readers interested in promoting the series? I’ve heard authors do something called a Street Team. For example I would LOVE to take something to my local library; which I am not ashamed to say I visit every week hehe,  that would give somebody that hasn’t read the series a good summary of what it is about. I am still going to approach one of the librarians there and tell her about it. They do a book of the month club and the such; just to see how and if I could ad Virals to their list. Just a thought :) this series is SOOOOOO good it needs to be read by everybody :) Oh also, I have a group of friends that watches Bones and I posted a message telling them about the books, we’ll see how that goes. Our local library hasn’t gotten any copies of Exposure yet, and I keep checking every days just to see if they’ve added a listing for it. CAN NOT WAIT TO READ IT!!!

Thanks for the street work, that’s really what helps sell a series, keeps it going, and gets a movie made. I hope others are talking Virals up like you!

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