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Ok so I stumbled across the Virals series after reading all of your moms books that were out at the time. It didn’t take me very long for me to become hooked. I loved the story line and the characters were just amazing. Ben would have to be my favorite of the Virals. I waited very impatiently for each of the following books to come out and I was definitely not disappointed with each new instalment and I think that will be the case with Exposure. I want to see a lot of things happen, most of all Tory and Ben together. And after all that rambling my question is how did you come up with this plot? And how did you come up with all of the characters and their personalities? Lastly who would you say is your favorite character?

The idea for the Virals series actually came from my dog, Turk. He caught Parvo, and we weren’t sure if he would pull through. In researching the nasty little bug, I got the notion of a person somehow catching it, and the story was born from there. There characters were pulled from thin air. I just imagined a group of kids living on desert island, and they just came to me. I think Hi is my favorite. Of the group, he’s definitely the most like me, personality-wise.

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