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Ok I’m 12 and I LOVE this series, I just CANNOT wait until next spring to get the 4th book. It took me, what, 2 days to finish the 3rd book. I’m still working on convincing my dad to let me get the short story you put out for the ebooks. YOU NEED TO MAKE A MOVIE!!!!!!!!! Like soon, my best friends and I love your books, one of them actually got me into them, so we would like fall to the ground freaking out about it. I’m like, not kidding, I’m serious. But, PLEASE make the characters look like they are described in the book. Like Tory with her red hair and then you should get contacts with yellow wolf eyes on them, I don’t know about you but I can’t stand it when the characters look nothing like the book says. But I’d be happy either way. [SPOILER EDIT] I also love how the books are kinda sciencey too. By the way this is like my favorite series….ever!

I can only respond to this comment with a tremendous thank you. Working on that film!

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