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Nemesis is about a girl named Min Wilder who just turned 16. Every two years, on her birthday, she is murdered by the same man in black suit. Except she always wakes up a few hours later, unharmed, in a field about a mile away from home. Without scratch on her.

Sound interesting? Details to follow on my site!


  1. Sounds interesting, you are an amazing writer!

  2. Do you not feel that only releasing Spike as part of the anthology Trace Evidence in the UK is a bit skeevy? As a long term fan of the series I bought Swipe and Shock when I got into the series and Shift as soon as it was released. Being unable to get the end of the story without buying the other three again feels almost like I’m being punished for being a fan.

    • That was the publisher’s decision, unfortunately, which I didn’t agree with. We published Spike separately in the US as an e-book. I hope we publish Spike there separately as well at some point!

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