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My girlfriend is absolutely obsessed with the Virals series and if I ask her about it she just goes kookoo so can you explain?

Some things you simply cannot explain, Baylee. The question is, why haven’t you read the books yet?


  1. Hey that is my boyfriend. And trust me, he does it on purpose. He already made me happy by reading the Percy Jackson sereis. But now he is making me mad about yhis series.
    And i can answer your question for you. He doesnt like it when i read one book and ingore him. So he trys to ingore the sereis i read. And baylee if ypuread this comment i am getting you the bokks for your birthday. So haha, in your face.

    • I’m cool with that

  2. I don’t think you understood my question I was asking if you could explain what it was about.

    • Forensics. Wolves. DNA. Charleston. Ninjas (okay not really).

  3. Haha. You told him that it has ninjas. Funny, and officically he started to read the series. Go me, because now we get to talk about the book. I would say you are a mircle worker, but i can’t. But i can say one thing. Thanks because i dont have to get hung up on the phone (baylee i am still mad about that) anymore because i am talking about the Virals.

  4. Thanks for answering but I already went and bought my own copy. But you were right it is awesome I have already read a fourth of the book in two days. And Kim didn’t persuade me to read it really nobody did. I just hate being served but that happens a lot thank you and your mom for writing this series it is awesome.

    • Thanks man, that’s nice to hear.

    • How did you live so long without it?

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