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My friend and I are really excited for Terminal’s release so we have been talking about the series alot. A question recently came up that we were wondering if you could answer it. If Chance and Tory fall in love and marry later in life and have a child, what color would the child’s eyes glow if they can flare? Would they be red or yellow like the parent’s or would it be a orangish color? Also, do you know what the ship name for Chance and Tory are? Thanks!

That’s a question I can’t answer until after you’ve read Terminal. Right now Tory and Chance have too much to worry about. But there may be another e-short in the works too …

As for the ship name. Hmmm. Tonce is terrible. Chory isn’t very good. What about Chatoria? Clannen? Brenbourne? These just aren’t working.


  1. I think Cory’s the best ship name, but I either way Ten (Tory Ben) is of course perfect.

  2. Cory Crennan
    And then there’s Bennan (Ben x Tory)
    Hitoria (Hi)
    Sheltory (Shelton)
    Jasy (Jason)

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