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What an amazing email, thank you  Molly. And I’m excited for NEMESIS too. It will be published in the UK! I should have some cool stuff for the website very soon.

I usually don’t give fluffy answers to questions, but the Virals characters really came to me pretty fully formed. I knew I wanted Tory to be a young Tempe, but her friends just kind of … already existed. Hi is me talking through the pages, Ben is just a quiet (and a little angry) dude, and Shelton is every neurotic friend I’ve ever had. It was easy.

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  1. Thank you for your comment, it made my day. I was wondering do you and Kathy reichs get on? I also noticed that on the first book it was just Kathy reichs name on it, why is that? When your name was put on the books I got a sense that the characters were more developed, was that your doing? It really helped me get a sense of the characters. The Virals series are amazing, I keep on re-reading them! Although three things made me choke up.
    1: when their powers (although not completely) were taken away.
    2: when coop didn’t come straight away so I thought they had taken him.
    3: when they fought to stay together against the spooks.
    So thank you it was like a roller coaster, with a sudden turn. The books really are amazing!

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