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Is Terminal going to be the last Virals book? Also will there be another e-short released? Maybe one to get us through the 9 months until Terminal comes out? Also would you consider making any Virals merchandise? If there were any, I would buy it all! Also is there anything about a Virals movie or TV show in the works?

Woof. You could scroll around for most of these answers, but:
1) Terminal is the last book scheduled at this time, but never say never.
2) We are still negotiating whether to do another e-short and will know by the end of the month.
3)  There’s no swag at this time, but that could change! Any great designs?
4)  No movie deal as of yet, either. Everything Virals seems to be on hold at the moment. Sorry! But you guys are going to love Terminal.

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  1. If there is a movie, I would love to be casted as Tory Brennan

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