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I like where your head’s at, Reilly. In truth, I’ve always considered Ben to not have a middle name. He’s just Ben Blue. I thought Shelton had one, but I can’t find it. So you guys give me suggestion in the comments, please!


  1. Hi, I think that Sheltons middle name should be Timothy. I just think it has a cool sound to it.

  2. Loved this series and was so sad when it ended. About Shelton’s middle name, I’ve heard middle names are not common in Japan and his mom is Japanese. Maybe it is appropriate for him to just be Shelton Devers :). By the way, the way Terminal ended – it just feels open to another book? please, please!

  3. Maybe Lee/Leonardo or Lepidus, also I am a really big fan of the series and I was wondering if you had or will be coming to Washington.

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