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In the event that you make Virals: The Movie, Can I PLEASE be Hi? I know that’s not the best role to give someone, but it’s the only role I can possibly be. I’m an AMAZINGLY good actor, won first place at UIL Acting. PLEASE??? And also, don’t screw up Virals with Terminal. I am in need of reassuring. Biggest Virals fan. Ever.

I’ll keep this request on file, Kari. And I did my best not to screw anything up, but you’ll have to tell me!


  1. Here’s some fan art I did of Code:

    Hi just pressed the button on the iPad… and blew up Battery Park. This is what the Virals saw when the got out of Pinckney.

    I know i messed up on the time. I just added it for dramatic effect.

  2. Please please please please pleaseeeeee make virals into a movie. It is such a good series and I would literally die if I could get the chance to play Tory. Or even add her into a episode of Bones where she comes to visit. It would just be amazing.

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