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I would like to tell you two things. One’s a question, the other one is a statement. Question:  What changed? I was rereading Virals, and I noticed a dramatic change in the characters’ personality. For instance, Ben. In book one, be was a happy, joyful, joking guy. Then… in book 3, he was silent. Brooding. What’s up? And now for my statement: Virals has become a huge influence. The story I was writing: The protagonist’s name came straight from the books (it’s Karsten). And the only reason I am in theater is so I can practice for the (hopefully) upcoming movie. It is the most read book on my Kindle. Thank you for writing such an amazing series. Never end it. Please.

I don’t know that Ben has changed much at his core, but you have to admit, he’s gone through a lot in the last two years. He made a bad mistake, and then spent some time paying for it. There’s no way everyone wouldn’t be affected. That said, I think you’re going to like the Ben you see in Terminal.

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