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I really love Tory as a character. I especially like how she know she’s pretty,  unlike other female characters in YA books who don’t know that they’re beautiful and need the guy to tell them (even then, they still don’t think that they’re good enough for him). That always annoys me. My question is, are there any plans to introduce more female characters into the Virals series as part of the gang or even just as a friend for Tory?

Thanks for the great comment, Caleb. I’m always annoyed by that too. I think it’s okay for a person to be honest about their own appearance — good or bad — so long as it doesn’t go to their head or make them crazy. Looks aren’t everything. As to your question: Yes — Tory makes a close female friend in Exposure, and that new relationship affects many of her actions in the book. I think you’ll like how it plays out.

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  1. That’s great! I was getting a touch worried that Tory was going to be the lone strong woman with a bunch of guy friends (sorta like Haven). Really glad that she gets a girl friend. ^_^

    Loving the series!

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