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I LOVE Virals, oogling over it, and for the past week i have been reading nonstop  like a mad woman (I read all books in series, even the short stories). I was so happy when my friend told me that there was a fourth book. I raced home bought it and got to reading, LOVED IT! The ending was sooo thrilling i just need MORE! My question is, what is the plan for the 5th book (i hear it is named Terminal but know didlysquat about the book itself) im dying to know when i can get to reading once more!!!!!

Get to reading! Terminal will be out in March 2015, and it’s going to wrap up a lot of the burning questions since Virals. On future Virals books? Never say never.

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  1. hello, me again *waves* (what do you think about my opening) Anyway is there a blurb yet for terminal? i have searches everywhere and just can’t seem to find one.

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