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I heard there is a book called Terminal but can’t find it. I would like to know if it exists.

Terminal will be the fifth Virals book, releasing after Exposure (sometime in early 2015). Get hype.


  1. OMG!!!! 5 Virals books!!!!!

    Ben + Tory = FOREVER!!!!
    I LOVE Hi

    • Hiram is AMAZING! He is my protagonist idol. I have honestly never met a smart-alec better written than him.

  2. So I was scrolling through the comments on one of your other similar blogs and found the answers to the question I asked there; when with the fifth book be released? Turns out, I found something even more: It will be called TERMINAL!

    I’m a die-hard fan (haha, not literally) of the VIRALS series, and after reading CODE, I attempted writing my own Fanfiction…and miserably failed.

    When I first red the series, I was shell-shocked to realize the writing style was rather like my own (if only a bit) and got this ludicrous idea into my head; that I could write a Fanfiction about it.

    Well…mission failed. *laughs lightly*

    Anyhow, there is no particular reason I am writing this message; just to say great job and you and Kathy’s writing is inimitable, I guess.

    No, not guess. KNOW. My bad.

    At any rate, I hope you have a great rest of the day.

    Have a good one.


    (P.S. I read somewhere that you’re contracted for five books in the VIRALS series only, which would be both a relief because I wouldn’t have to hang head-over-heels waiting for the next book release, but also a great disappointment because all there will be after that will be Fanfiction, but I was wondering if either you or Kathy were thinking, or wanting, to write more than five books? If you were, would that affect anything that will occurring in TERMINAL? For example, there’s a whole BUNCH of melodrama surrounding Tory and Ben’s currently-awkward, off-kilter relationship. If you were to, say, make them kiss or go out in TERMINAL–practically do anything to alter their relationship–then would you think of postponing that until the sixth book, or seventh? I’m officially ranting AGAIN, so I bid you farewell, Mr. Reichs, a.k.a. one of my few official author idols.)

    • Terminal is the fifth Virals book, but not necessarily the final Virals book. But it’s going to wrap up a LOT of the current story lines. Fans have been demanding some resolution, so we’re going to give them a bit. You’ll see.

      • Thank you for taking the time to answer. Haha. In my anticipation to see the new Terminal cover, I completely forgot I’d posted my comment up here. So thank you. XD Anyhow, I’m glad to hear Terminal might not be the last book. As long as some things get wrapped up (and I can sleep well at night knowing Ben and Tory are together…right? ;)) I think I’ll manage the wait. I’ll suffer through it, because the wait is most decidedly worth it!

        Gah, I’m trying not to read Exposure until it gets a little closer to Terminal’s release date so I won’t get all hyped up and have to wait a couple months for it!

    • I tried to write my own fanfiction, too. But… it was a stupid idea.

      At least people thought it sounded like Tory.

      • Never a stupid idea. Keep writing!

  3. Hi, I was wondering when Terminal comes out and I was looking at some websites and they said that the paper back comes out on March 3rd. So I instantly got the thought that it already came out because usually hard cover comes out first. Then I looked at Chapters website and it said pre-order. And I guess I just want to know when Terminal is realized will it be in paper back?

    PS. I am trying to write my own book as well and if there are any tips you can share with me that would be great!

    • The Terminal hardcover is out March 3rd, so that’s what will be available. As to writing–read a lot, and write, write, write. Any kind. Writing is more skill than art, and practice makes closer to perfect.

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