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I have read all of K’s books and have now read all the Virals series! I am 34 and thanks to Tory and the gang I get to introduce my 10 year old daughter to young adult fiction!! Exciting Times. I have 2 questions: 1) Is it easier or harder to write with Kathy? 2) Are there any plans to use the Virals as a pitch for a movie/tv series. I would love to make my (untrained) directorial debut on a Virals project! Keep up the fantastic work and thank you.

Thanks for the note, Daniel. In some ways writing with a partner is harder, because you have to please two minds — and that’s even before you get to your editor/publisher — but in other ways it’s easier. For example, sometimes you just can’t tell if you’ve described a scene well, or don’t quite know if something is too obvious. In those situations, it’s great to have another set of eyes. We are working on moving Virals to the small or big screen, but it requires patience. So. Much. Patience.

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