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I have a few questions. Just letting you know ahead of time. If you had a day to cast the Virals characters for the movie, who would you chose? Is there really a LIRI? What is the fifth book going to be called? Will Tempe be in Exposure? Sorry I have so many questions!!! I just LOVE the series!!!

I don’t know the actors I’d choose, although I originally liked Allison Pill for Tory. You tell me. LIRI is fictional, but there is a real monkey island off the coast of South Carolina. I’ve seen it. I haven’t named the fifth Virals book, but I have a favorite I won’t reveal yet. I’ll also hear suggestions that stick with the series’ theme with titles (medical term/two meanings). Give me you best, peeps! Tempe is not in Exposure, but she is in Swipe. And thanks!

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  1. If a Virals movie were to happen I can see Avan Jogia as Ben, and Roshon Fegan as Shelton Devers. Still thinking of someone to play Hiram.

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