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I can’t wait for Swipe to come out! I have a few questions regarding Swipe. Does Swipe continue from where Code left off, like will the characters be dealing will what happened in Code, or will it be completely separate? And I know Swipe comes out close to Christmas, but is there an exact date yet? I’m really enjoying you and your moms books and can’t wait for Swipe and Exposure!

Swipe won’t deal with the fall-out of Code, that’s saved for the full fourth book, Exposure. So Swipe stands alone. If I had to put the second e-short into the chronology, Swipe would likely fall immediately after Exposure. But it’s self-contained and meant to be read alone! And bought first!


  1. Will there be a Virals movie? I love the books soooo much and would love to see it as a film!

    • Working on it! Fingers crossed!

  2. Hey Brendan! Such a big fan of your work along with your mother on the Virals series. Such an amazing series that I literally would love to keep reading more and more every time. I love these four main characters, I know they are the Virals, but were you thinking of adding any more to the group? Personally I think it should always stay Tory, Ben, Hiram, and Shelton, but was kinda wondering. Also wanted to ask do you think you will ever put the main novels to be told from the POV of the other characters?

    • The Virals will always be there own pack, but … what if there were another pack out there? Stay tuned to the next two books. If you want to see the boys’ POV, check out Shift, the first Virals e-short available on Kindle, Nook, and iTunes. The second e-short, Swipe, releases 12/16.

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