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I can’t say how much I love this series, it’s my absolute favorite! I have a few questions… First…how are their powers going to grow wilder? Will the boys ever be able to kick-start the telepathy? Will Tory ever try to touch a non-virals mind again? And finally, will Tory be sniffing out emotions again? She didn’t at all in Code. I’d like to thank you and your mother for all the work that’s been put into writing this amazing series! Can’t wait for Swipe and Exposure!

Whoa. Okay, in order: 1. Exposure deal a lot with the instability of the Virals’ powers. I think you’ll be pretty shocked when you discover the answer. Tory was. 2. The boys are working it out, but slowly. You should get Swipe for more on this one. 3. Tory was pretty spooked by mind-touching a non-Viral mind. It’s a bridge that she doesn’t like to cross, but may have to again. We’ll see. 4. Tory spent too much of Code on the run to get much use out of her emotion-sniffing skill, but Exposure has a whole new set of challenges. But what can she do when her powers are on the fritz? It’s becomes a serious problem. 5. Thank you!

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