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I absolutely love virals!!!!!!!!!!!!  They are probably my favourite book series!  I can’t wait for Terminal, It feels like its so long away.  I was just wondering if there will actually be a virals movie coming out?  If so , when????  I hope there is and can’t wait for terminal as I am a big Ben and Tory supporter!!!!  I love this series so much!

No movie deal yet. It’s slow going on that front, unfortunately.


  1. AAAHHHH! i literally shrieked when i saw this! Ihave always wondered that, if it’ll become a movie…this seems like the one book that wont completely SUCK as a movie (the hunger games was good though)….but i found out that when authors sell their rights, they have absolute 0% control over it…i really hope kathy will have some control over the movie (suzanne collins did)

  2. Ok, so, I haven’t heard anything lately but, is there going to be a Virals movie, because that would be freaking awesome!

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