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I absolutely adored the Virals series, I actually stayed up until three in the morning finishing Terminal because it was so good and I am so glad you wrote the mini between-the-novels! I have read Shift and Swipe, am looking for Shock and I’m totally excited for Spike! I know Shift was after Seizure because it matches up with Kit running LIRI, but isn’t Swipe after Code? I saw it was 3.5 but Tory wasn’t mad at Ben, so I was wondering if it was after one of the other books of if it just didn’t match up chronologically with the others? Sorry for my nit-picking but I just want to make sure I didn’t miss something:) Thank you again for being SUCH an awesome writer! Now I’m going to go scour the Nook store for Shock:)

Thanks, Nadia. Swipe probably fits best after Exposure, given the problem with Ben you identified. It was written and released before Exposure, but that’s its most logical place in the timeline.

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