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Hi there. I have really enjoyed the Virals series. It is really well written and you have done a great job with it! One day I hope one of the stories I have written will be as big as this series. But for a highschooler that is a pretty big dream. So, I guess what I wanted to ask is if you had any tips for writing or anything related to that (like how to get a book published..). Also what was it like for you after the first book got published and was out in the open (but before it got big)? I am sure you have heard this enough to last you a life time, but this series is awesome. So, thanks and keep writing! =)

My advice to young writers is to write as much as you can. Writing is a skill as well as an art, and practice makes perfect. Getting published can be difficult, but the best way is through a literary agent. Getting my first book published was a very exciting even for me, as I’m sure it will be for you. Thanks so much the comments.

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