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Hi, the Virals series is my absolute favourite YA series! Yours (And Kathy’s) writing is spot on, has an amazing pace and you seem to understand teenagers SO WELL. I genuinely can’t bear the thought of saying goodbye to Tory and co, so given the amount of Tempe books there are, could you possibly carry on Virals for up to ten books? Thanks!

Thanks Zoe! Right now the Virals series is scheduled for five books, with Terminal being the last, but never say never! And of course I’ll be doing something completely new as well….

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  1. I just had a mini panic attack when I read this. You can’t end it here. Like, that would be MY WORST NIGHTMARE.

    Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase. If you value my sanity.

    *saddest, cutest most extreme puppy dog face ever that will convince you to let the series go on forever.*

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