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Hi! I’m a huge fan of Virals series! I love them so much, I still searching for new informations of the characters and series overall. I also writing my own story called Virals. It’s about fourteen years old Lola and her friends, who was born with the special skills like your virals. And I put your virals into my story! It’s like fanfiction. But I have a question: The first four books have a story, where Virals solve some problems. Katherine, treasure, the game with Gamemaster, twins and Ella… But Terminal is little bit different with his story. Why? Or how you devise it? I was surprised, when I read, what Terminal will be about. But I still look forward to it! :)

Terminal has to answer a lot of the questions that have been running through the first four books of the series, but it’s still very much a Virals book. There’s a mystery to be solved, and lots of danger. I think you’re going to like the story, and what happens, both in their personal and public lives.

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