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Hi! I would just like to say that I love your books!!!! They’re amazing!!! LIke seriously, my username on almost everything I have on the internet is: viralsisamazing. I was just wondeering, if Terminal HAS to be the last Virals book *torents of tears* then would you do a second series with the VIrals theme like Cassandra Clare did? I have Sewee boat loads of questions (tehe) but I won’t pressure you with them right now.

I’ve considered whether the world of the Virals could be reshaped for a spin-off series, and can tell you honestly that I’m open to the idea. I’d love to revisit Tory and the boys a few years from now, when they’re older and in a different phase of their lives. And Terminal has some interesting bits to that effect, so stay tuned.


  1. When is the next book coming out!!!!???!?!?!? I just read Exposure and I can’t even grasp all the feels that I am having right now.

    • So many FEELS. Terminal in March 2015.

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