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Hi, i was wondering will there be another book after Terminal? i am really into The Virals series, i honestly love it so so so much, and think there should be at least like 6 or 7 books. Love the series it is so amazingly well written.

Thank you. Yes, currently, the series is slated to end with Terminal, but that’s not 100% definite. Whewn you read the book you’ll understand.


  1. *spoiler alert*

    But the cliffhanger at the end! We need to know about their new powers and their other adventures! Will the trinity have the same powers? Will they all be connected?? Too many questions! Tbh i thought they might create the virus again and then chance would become part of the pack (though I never shipped him with Tory or really forgave him tbh). I could read book after book about these characters and never get bored! I love their friendships, each with its own merits and confusions and the tightness of their pack! I couldn’t put the books down. Please please please write more!

    • I so wish there was another book bc she literally got her POWERS back

  2. I totally agree with you Kate!! These series had me hooked from the start, and I cannot believe that Kathy and Brendan ended with A CLIFFHANGER!!!

    I literally finished Terminal in less than 2 days. PLEASE WRITE ANOTHER BOOK!!! (Or two..) I need to find out [EDITED FOR SPOILERS] THERE ARE TOO MANY QUESTIONS!!! Please please please please please write another few books!

    P.S~ I totally ship Tory and Ben, alongside with [SPOILER] šŸ˜‰

    • 1 day, and OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I don’t read books but after having read my summer reading book virals in under a week before school started I read all of the other books in under a month I plead that you make more virals books to add to the series and don’t stop because even if it takes awhile your just opening the imagination to tons of minds like mine please answer I love these books and there needs to be more. So many questions inanswered so many thing so know. Ps I luv u and u havade me a different kind of person ?

  4. I didn’t get into reading at all until fitb grade when I read maximum ride then I read Virals and now after two year it is still my favorite. I loved terminal but so many questions. Everyone at my school fought over it the last week of school last year and this year my friend read it and now she’s hooked. She read the whole series in a week. Pretty please write more your fans love you guys.

  5. I just finished the book in around 5 hours and I want to cry right now! Please write another book, I need to know what happens this upsets me so badly!!!

  6. Hi! I just wanted to say that I love the Virals series so much, and identify a lot with Tory and her love of science and animals. That being said, I’ve heard rumors of a possible TV series/movie, though I know nothing’s definite yet. Is there any way fans of the series could audition for a part in any upcoming Virals adaptation??

  7. Hello Mr.Reichs

    I never was into fiction, however your books in regard to the virals series has completely changed my view. I have been listening to the audio books read by Cristin Milioti whilst traveling in France. I know that you won’t be able to write a new book and have her read it and sell it as an audio book in the next two weeks. However your series is so amazing and I have re-listened to each book about 5 times. Please wright more books in the series! (Unlimited amount is alright šŸ™‚ ) thank you so much.

  8. I real this series a few years ago and I’m still wondering what the ending would mean for everyone. I think it’s pretty good actually, and if you write any more books, it might just feel like you are doing it to get more money. Kinda like Riordan with his Percy Jackson series I guess. He should’ve stopped at the end but he didn’t and now the new stuff he’s puting out doesn’t hold a candle to the main stuff. The ending you have is nice and memorable and keeps me thinking, so if you do another book, its gotta do that and more.


  10. This book series is one of the bests around and it just sucks how they build the story up so much to were it would be dumb to leave you off on a cliffhanger Iā€™m pretty there not going to make another book but Iā€™m might make one that takes off where the left off

  11. This is my FAVORITE series! Iā€™d love to see a finale that involves these new powers and how they live their lives as they grow up. Do there children have these powers? Do there powers mutate over time? So many questions!!! Is there any other suggestions for books similar to this series? Thanks!

  12. I don’t know what a garter is

  13. Omg what a cliff hanger! Please, please, please write more books I have to know what happens! Spoiler alert* What happens with there new powers? Who did they gat them? What happens with Ben and Tory? Will the government agency fine out they have new powers? PLEASE WRITE MORE BOOKS THIS IS BETTER THAN HARRY POTTER AND THE HUNGER GAMES COMBINED I LITTERALLY FINISHES TERMINAL IN A DAY!

  14. i have read somwhere that the last book of the viral series is called “spike” where there is a big wedding and some teenage girl is one of the bridesmaids (guess who ) is this correct also i do believe it came out in kindle form. i think around 2017 cheers gus

  15. Hi Brendan, I read the Virals series when they first came out and was wondering if there were any plans to revive the series and maybe show Tory and the gang at college? I feel like Trace Evidence (Spike) left some unanswered questions (Chance and the new powers related) I know so many people would be really thrilled if a new one came out! šŸ™‚

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