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Hi!! I love the Virals series!! It is AMAZING!! I am writing a book series too! Unlike yours, it won’t be as popular, since this is my first series EVER to try to be published but it is REALLY good. I have two questions for you. First, how do you add mystery to a story, because my story has a mystery to it but I am having trouble making it seem like a mystery scene, any tips? And my last question is, do you ever get inspired by an object or thing to start a story or chapter or does it just pop in your head? For me, it’s a little bit of both! Thanks! And keep writing the AWESOME VIRALS SERIES!! :)

First, thank you so much for the praise. I really appreciate it. Know that Virals was my first series ever, so don’t doubt yourself! The best way to map out a good mystery is to work off an outline from the start, so you can see the whole story. This allows you the freedom to go back into chapters and adds clues, twists, etc. throughout the manuscript, so that when it all comes together the reader is surprised, and hopefully pleased. For me, Chapters just tend to pop into my head. I rarely restart them once I have the scene visualized. That’s just how I write.

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