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Hi, I am a huge fan of the books (Best Series Ever!). I want to read the ebooks as well, but do they go in any specific order with the actual books, or can those be read whenever? Also, will there be a Virals movie coming out? I think its pretty cool that the books are based on where I live, I’ve been to a lot of the places where the gang goes and I tell my mom, “Hey over there is where Tory and them…” I love how you use a lot real places in Charleston. Thank you! #viralsforever.

The e-shorts Shift and Swipe can be read at any time. They are stand-alone adventures that don’t fit anywhere exactly in the timeline. If I had to slot them somewhere, Shift would take place after Seizure while Swipe makes most sense right after Exposure. The new e-short, due out this February, will be called Shock, and will take place before even Virals. How’s that for a teaser?

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