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Hi Brendan! I write on the Virals Fanfiction archive on the web, and from being on there I’ve heard a lot about a Virals movie??? I’m just wondering, is that actually going to happen sometime in the future or is it just hope? Also, what’s the deal with the Virals series? I know Terminal is the grand finale, but what type of book is the one where everyone finds out how Tory comes to Morris? Is it a novel or novella? And is their going to be a novella between Exposure and Terminal like before? P.S: YOU AND KATHY ARE THE BEST WRITERS EVER!!!! I’ve got every single book from both series and have read through them all at least three times! YOU TWO ARE AMAZING!

Still no movie news, but we are working on it. Shock will a third Virals e-short that will come out this February and tell the story of Tory’s first day on Morris Island.

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  1. Why does Chance have to be so nosy? I like the fact the you had put the fact the Ben likes Tory, why not have Jason be the nosy one and have him competing against Ben for Tory, they both like her. I had gotten that vibe in the first, second and third books. Please no one spoil the fourth book, I haven’t read it yet.

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