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Hi Brendan! I am a HUGE fan of Virals and am counting down the days to Terminal. For the past two months I have been checking your website for the Terminal Tour dates and I just saw that they were posted! Anyway, I was so excited and absolutely sure you would have a book signing in Charlotte! I was quick to see that I was wrong but silly me was banking on getting all 5 of my books signed by you (and buying the updated versions of Virals and Seizure to match the others). I know this sounds like a stretch, but could you have another signing of some sort in or around Charlotte? Seriously every other time you have one near me I have plans. Just my luck! :) Thanks!

First …. SHOUT OUT TO CHARLOTTE, NC! Okay, now, where was I? Nothing in the QC as of now, but I’ll be appearing in Winston-Salem on March 16th for the Bookmarks YA event (also featuring Kami Garcia, Carrie Ryan, and Stephanie Perkins!). Any chance you could get up there? If not, I’d be happy to sign them for you at Park Road Books. We’ll work it out!


  1. Whoa, I am so blown away by your response! As far as the Winston Salem book signing, I would need more info on it. Right now, I’m thinking I will be in school though. Thank you so much!

    • It looks like I WILL be doing a Terminal signing in Charlotte this summer, in the first week of June. Check back here for details!

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