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Hi Brendan, First I just wanted to say that TERMINAL WAS AMAZING!! I finished it a couple hours ago and I have still no recovered. The amount of plot twists that made me gasp and even tear up at a few point were just so well done, and overall, the whole book was just fabulous. I was dying at the end of Terminal because of a plot twist at the very, very end but THANK GOD FOR SPIKE THAT IS COMING OUT BECAUSE I WOULD NOT HAVE SURVIVED IF THAT WAS THE END OF THE VIRALS SERIES. I mean, it was a fabulous ending and it tied up loose ends with leaving room for you to come back to it. But I do have to admit, when I just saw that there is another e-short coming out, I may or may not have had a huge spaz attack in my bedroom. I don’t actually have a question but I just wanted to tell you how much I loved Terminal (also like props to you for handling the romance parts of it excellently, there were points in the book where I just had to put it down and reflect for a moment (especially during the romance moments, they were so incredibly cute). Well, thats it. I am counting down the days until Spike comes out (and for nemesis – especially if the characters are as amazing as in Virals). Planning on rereading Terminal this weekend too when my hardcover comes. but the point of this very long message is just THANK YOU FOR WRITING ANOTHER AMAZING BOOK!

I love everything about this. Thank you so much!

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