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Hi Brendan and Kathy, My name is Ally and recently I have read and re-read your virals series (Virals, Seizure, Code, Expozure), and I LOVE them. I’m so pumped for your next book in the series (Terminal) to be released. I love every character in this series and how they all have a meaningful place in the structure of the story. I was wondering how you were inspired to develop these characters and their humurous habits? I am also dreaming of a movie series based on the books. Although it would be extremely difficuilt with what I predict would be a busy schedule for you, I’m positive your fans will love you even MORE for it. You are amazing at what you do and once again I love your books and I am absolutely buzzing to read Terminal.  Thank you for a couple of weeks of great reading!

Thanks for the great note, Ally. The characters just kind of sprang from my head fully formed. I honestly didn’t “plan” their personalities, just sort of let it go. Still working on that movie sales pitch!

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