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hey yo! i just finished exposure. i had a casual stroke. but it’s okay, i’ve recovered. it’s crazy how you already have the title and i don’t even know how much writing done for the next book which set me off pondering, at this point in time do you have a set number of books that you know will be in the series? i’m not sure how this writing confidentiality stuff goes but i just wondered if you could let me know? maybe that’s part of the anticipation, i don’t know. but i also have to let you know that these books are amazing. personally, anytime that Hi opens his mouth i sit there and laugh staring at the book and people think i’m a lunatic. the whole ella, french fry, “they’re hot which you apparantly like-thing” was fantastic. whoever this kid is, i wanna know him. (if he was real, which he clearly isn’t, but still). just thought i should let you know i appreciate your writing and that after finishing your book yesterday i have such bad book hangover. i can’t even function. well, i can. but it isn’t without difficulty. but thanks for writing!

“Casual stroke” made me laugh. You’re alright, Sarah from ‘Murca. No set number of books, it’s just kinda by feel at this point. And Hiram is me 20 years ago, if you must know.

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  1. I was DYING after I read Exposure. Literally jumping up and down and SCREAMING at the book. After that I sat there and stared at it and tried to call all my friends and then they didn’t pick up the phone. So then I screamed at the phone 😀 then I couldn’t concentrate on school for the next 3 days.

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