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Hey there! First I just want to say I love the series that you and your mom have created, and that’s so cool that you two worked together! I’m just finishing Code right now, and lucky for me, I don’t have to wait so long for Exposure to come out! I was hoping to find out what the 5th book’s title is going to be… and also what do you imagine Tory doing when she gets older… (Maybe taking after Aunt Tempe?)

Okay, since you asked the question right when the answer became official, I’ll reveal it here. The fifth Virals book will be titled: TERMINAL. And yes, I think Tory is headed for a career like Tempe’s, though she could be swayed to veterinary medicine or research like her father. Future director of LIRI?


  1. Omg. The 5th book’s name is Terminal. Sounds awesome. My sister is going to kill me if she finds out that i been using up her GB on her phone talking her and mine favorite author. She writes too, but she is not as good as your books are. She into a lot of weird things, like your series. She makes her boyfriend go insane by talking about books. She been freaking out for the past few days when she found out that the next book will be coming out next month. When she found out, she dropped the phone fell on the floor cold. I am serious. THANK YOU, because she annoying, sometimes.

    • THE OUTLAND GIRLS ARE PRETTY COOL. You heard it here first.

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