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Hey Brendan! Having reread Exposure several times since its release, I am really excited for Terminal – I would really love it if you could tour to the UK, you have a lot of us Brit fans lurking! Your books are so inspiring for writing, but do you have any tips for editing? I have several full first-draft novels I am seriously struggling to edit… thank you!

Hoping to get to the UK next tour, Lottie. As for editing, my best tip is to tighten your sentences anywhere you can. Read over them and see how many words you don’t really need. Tighter writing leads to faster-paced action, which is more fun IMO.

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  1. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!! 2015!!!!!! I AM GOING TO DIE!!!!! Sorry about that. I really just cannot wait. The virals kind of remind me of me and my best friends. I have also heard there is going to be a movie is that true?

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