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Thank you so much Rachel! It’s emails like this that keep me going as a writer. My offer stands, but we’ve got NEMESIS ahead and I think you guys are REALLY going to like it. Details soon!


  1. Hi…love your books…please write another book after Trace Evidence…I m really exited about Nemesis….but please wil you write another book after Trace Evidence….# I am also one of your biggest fans.

  2. Hi… a big fan…I am really excited about Nemesis…you are such a good writer….I also love bones…..Virals is my #1 favourite series….thank you so much….Is there going to be a movie?….please tel me if there is going to be!…Wil you write another Viral book….please…I know that you said that you wil write another Viral book if we make Nemesis a big hit….and I am sure that it is going to be a hit because your writing is so good!!!…..but will you please write another Viral book….great fan and than you SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR WONDERFUL BOOKS!!

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