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Are Ben and Tory going to ever get together? Like now!

No spoilers! What would be the fun in that? But you definitely will need to read CODE. Tory and Ben have a lot to deal with, including each other.


  1. I am totally team Ben. I feel his plight and Jason peeves me for a reason I cant put my finger on, he just seems sus, at one point it was like he was working for Chance, not good.

    I just hope Tory, if she goes there, doesn’t jump into it. Let it be drawn out and totally worth the wait/struggle. Juicy.

    Although, if they had children, wouldn’t their DNA be all K9 too? Awkward.

    Also in CODE its totally obvious than Shelton and Hi know all about it, or at the very least suspect. I think they will play a huge roll in getting Tor and Ben together.

    Cant wait, will next book be released in ’13 or ’14?

  2. i totoally agree with u!! so team ben all the way!
    i also want to know how their relationship (hopefully eventually BF and GF) will affect tory’s mind powers with ben…. and their relationship as a pack…
    cant wait till the next book after code… hopefully it will be released sometime in 2013!!!

    • Where is everyone getting the early copies of Code?

  3. Ben and Tory MUST end up together!!! I’ve heard rumors about what happens in Code, but I don’t care….Ben is the best!

  4. Am I the only one who doesn’t want Ben and Tory to get together? I mean, I love them both but not as a couple. I think it would ruin the group dynamic.

  5. I think ben and Tory should be together. It’s just Tory is holding back her feelings for ben.ben when to all this trouble to be with Tory as GF. She should see that and appreciate that. But I also think that Tory is closer to hi then Shelton and Ben before code but I think she thinks about Ben more than ever

  6. i think tory and hiram or tory and jason

    • Did you just say Tory and Hi? That would never work out, Ben and Tory are the true couple.

  7. I think Tory and Ben should get together. They already seem comfortable together so why not put them in a relationship? It would be really interesting to see/read that because they are both virals.

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