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Any Hints on The Fourth Virals Book? I Hope Ben and Tory Get Together ASAP!

Now Brenna, if I told you what happened, wouldn’t that spoil the fun? But here’s a small hint: Chance learns more than he should.


  1. I need to know if there is going to be a fourth Virals!?!? They are my favorite book series, I like them more than the Harry Potter books! Please let me know as soon as possible!!!!

    • A fourth and a fifth, and maybe more! The fourth book is going to be called Exposure, and should be out next spring.

  2. In the Virals books to come will Tory and Ben have some chemistry?

    • You’ll have to wait and see! Sorry!

  3. I really need to know! Why did you write [NO SPOILERS!!!!] PLease let me know ASAP!

    • Just wait for the fourth book. Exposure will clear up some things!

  4. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited for the fourth book I just got the third book and read it and I’m itching to know more

  5. When will Ben and Tory go out

    • No spoilers, but you’ll need to read Exposure.

  6. Are you almost finished with the writting of Exposure? Is it going to be possible to read an excerpt soon? By the way, your books are amazing. Thank you for giving me something so interesting to read!

    • Just turned in the first draft of Exposure. Hope to have an excerpt soon!

  7. You mentioned something about a cover reveal on Twitter? Also, I know it’s a little early but do you know when you will release an excerpt?

  8. Is Tory going to forgive Ben? Will they ever get together?

    • You need to read Exposure. Seriously.

  9. Hi 😀 I really have to know, are you going to share “exposure” in french version? Oh! Your books is AWEOME! 🙂

    • I hope Ben and Tory will be together! 😉

      • I know, I hope they do get together. Tory will at least have to forgive him, I mean the Virals need to be all together.

  10. I have a question. Is Chance going to figure out the Virals secret, or are they going to maybe tell him? Is there a cure for the Virals, and if there is, are they going to take it?

    • I can’t answer those questions yet — no spoilers! — but I will say that you will definitely enjoy the next two Virals books!

  11. Brendan, I have a question for you. Some people say that the virals are gonna drift apart! Is that true? Please, respond me soon. PS: Tell me that’s not true! Seriously, I’m gonna die!

    • I think Exposure all go a long way toward answering that question. Keep reading!

  12. When will there be an excerpt or a short snippet available for Exposure? Im so excited for this book!!!

    • This month, promise!

  13. Hey! I just wanna say I LOVE this series! I am definatly looking forward to the next one! Does Tory and Ben go out?! I am hoping they do! Please respond ASAP!!!

    • You’re going to have to wait for Exposure, but I think you’ll like the book. All I will say!

  14. Please tell me there will be a fifth Virals book! I just finished Exposure and am really wanting to figure out what happens next!!!!

  15. Exposure was amazing! I can’t wait for the next one…. Do you have any idea when you will release it?

  16. Does Tori forgive been for the whole code thing and I hope she does because they should be together and also I was wondering if there’s going to be six book in the Viral series I really hope so and I really want a section in the book dedicated to Tori and ben Romance story or a chapter or two

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