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Any good info you can give the fans of what’s in store for the Virals gang? Will we see the gang’s abilities get stronger? Ever thought about the Virals in comic book form?

I would love a Virals comic book. I plan to pursue the idea at the next Comic-Con. In Exposure, the gang has to deal with their powers getting stranger, and wilder. And a kidnapping they decide to investigate suddenly strikes too close to home. Good enough?


  1. That’s great Brendan. I love the how everything is looking for the Virals. Keep me posted such a big fan. I feel like this series will keep growing.

  2. I can’t wait for Exposure!!!!!!

  3. While that little tidbit of information is nice, I believe I speak for all of your rabid fan base when I say that a full synopsis of the plot and multiple excerpts would be lovely.

    • This seems like poor marketing advice. Not sure.

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