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1. Are you writing Nemesis with your mom? 2. Will Nemesis be a full series, longer or shorter then Virals, or just one book? 3. Will you write a combined Nemesis-Virals short story like Rick Riordan did for PJO and Kane Cronicles? 4. Do you read Virals wattpad or fanfiction stories? 5. Are you going to tour to New Zealand or anywhere near at all?

1. Nemesis is just me. I really hope you like it! I’m very excited about the project and will post lots of details on my website very soon.
2. Nemesis will be at least two books, perhaps more.
3. That’s hard to say, but anything is possible.
4. I love fan-fiction but don’t read much of it, because it can get confusing for me. But please keep creating it!
5. We won’t be in New Zealand this year, but maybe the next!

Tell Santa I said hello!

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