SWIPE — the newest Virals e-story!

SWIPE — the newest Virals e-story!

SWIPE — the newest Virals e-story — releases 12/16/13! Tempe and Tory at it again. Check it out!

Having Temperance Brennan for a great aunt comes with a few perks – including an invite to the famous forensic anthropologist’s book signing at Comic-Con. But while Tory and the Virals are taking in the legendary convention in all its nerdy glory, a priceless Terminator robot is stolen from the crowded exhibition hall. When the bot-napper threatens to destroy it unless a hefty ransom is paid, Tory leaps at the chance to help her Aunt Tempe with the investigation. Subtle clues lead the Virals into all the weirdness that Comic-Con has to offer — strange costumes, ferocious mock battles, and fanboy geekdom beyond their wildest dreams — but the Terminator seems to have vanished without a trace, and the clock is ticking. Can the Virals identify the thief and locate the missing robot before it’s too late?

And to our loyal, diehard UK fans — Swipe releases 12/12/13! We didn’t forget about you this time!


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  1. Is Swipe the second book in the Viral series? Virals was the first, Code is the third, Exposure will the 4th, I am wondering which is the second book. I like to read them in order if at all possible. Thanks.

    • Swipe is the second stand-alone e-novella in the series, after Shift. The full-length books in order are Virals, Seizure, Code, and Exposure, with at least one more to follow.

  2. I’m sooo looking forward to Swipe after reading Shift these e novellas are a cool idea showing off the pack on little side jobs like I say. How many more do you plan on doing?

  3. Of course I just bought Swipe, but come on??!!! 74 pages??? I’ll read it in one night and it’ll torture me for the next 3 1/2 months until Exposure comes out. I just don’t think I can wait until March!

    • It’s just a little Virals novella to get you ready for Exposure! I hope you like it. I think it’s one of our better stories.

  4. Can I read swipe in french? If not it doesn’t matter 🙂 ‘Cause I’m good at English… Sometimes not but it’s a detail xD

    • Virals is published in French! The whole series.

  5. I read Swipe with my best friend and it was AMAZING!!! Oh, it was so anticipating because she was reading ahead of me and laughing and she was torturing me!!! Hannah and I sighed dreamily when we read the part about…. I’ll just say two words of it to not spoil it for others: Ben and Hi’s, umm…, disguise.

    (I sign off with something related to the series like that on FanFiction. My name on there is viralsisamazing. I don’t know WHERE that name came from… Oh, yeah!!! I just thought it so much I thought I would put it as my name!!)

    We love your books!!! I have currently gotten 5 people to read the series. Hoping for a sixth!!

    • My favorite comment ever. Thanks.

  6. Great e book short story. VIRALS books makes you want to keep reading more and more. Really Addicting.

  7. Omg! I just finished reading. Awesome! Can’t wait for exposure, seriously! We love you Brendan and Kathy <3

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