An awestruck slow-clap for Canadian super-fan Emma Cleland and her six friends Stephanie, Sarah, Victoria, Arden, Sarah and Ben — The 7 Kids On The Block — for making Virals into an actual movie. I’ll let Emma explain their amazing accomplishment herself:

This process took us a year and four months. I typed your book into a script, we found our own costumes and locations and used our own camera and editing software to make this possible. We switched Ben, Hiram and Shelton into Beth, Harriet and Shelby as we did not have any male actors. We filmed at various locations, including schools, Western University, malls and parks and even an old house from 1870. It was a ton of hard work and we have been wanting to contact you for some time now to show you as well as thank you for making this awesome series. My friends and I have been reading the Virals series for a long time now and have all your books.

This is top-shelf work, people. I can’t thank them enough for their efforts. So without further ado, I present their film (all content from The 7 Kids on the Block!). Enjoy!


  1. Okay, so I’ve been reading this series for a little over a week. I have to say I’m hooked!! I have already finished two of the Virals books and am on the third and i just can’t get enough!! I might actually start a fan fiction for our very own Tory Brennan. i can not wait for the Trace Evidence book to come out.

  2. I’m sad thess videos are private and no longer work:( I just came across this and would love to see!

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