THE WINNERS ARE …….. Leanne, Allie, Nicole, Carie, Gurlay, and Elayne. Check your inboxes, and thanks to all who participated!


It’s the Spring 2017 YA Scavenger Hunt!


This is my third or fourth hunt–by now I’m such a grizzled veteran that I can’t remember. There are five mind-blowing YA author teams currently lurking on your interwebs, chock full of awesome bonus materials and killer giveaways.

I’m part of #TeamRED.

We are incredibly, devastatingly cool.

SPECIAL NOTE: I’m doing a separate giveaway at the bottom!



BEHOLD! Pretty awesome, right? This hunt runs from April 4th-9th, beginning and ending at noon Pacific time. All NEMESIS and VIRALS fans must give it a whirl. Prizes! Deleted and bonus scenes! Sneak peaks! Playlists, including one of mine from a main character in NEMESIS, which was just named a New York Times bestseller! YAHOO! Grab a copy today if you haven’t already. My bonus content is out there on #TeamRED, RIGHT NOW. Get cracking!


ABOUT THE HUNT: If you’ve never done this before, the scavenger hunt runs like a giant blog circle, one connecting to the next, introducing you to new YA authors and books along the way. There are tons of prizes including a grand prize for each team: a signed book from each author in that group! For more information and hunt updates, sign up for news on the #YASH website. Get cracking, book sleuths. There’s a whole new world out there. You have three days!


For this hunt, I’m hosting T.A. Maclagan.

T.A.’s blog is here. Between the 22 of us, she’s an AMAZING author. T.A. is a Kansas girl by birth but now lives all the way down in Wellington, New Zealand (!!!!) with her husband, son, and four pampered cats. she has a bachelor’s degree in biology and a Ph.D. in anthropology, and once studied poison dart frogs in the rainforests of Costa Rica and howler monkeys in Panama. Then she felt the call to pursue something more imaginative and discovered a passion for creative writing. She’s a smart one, is what I’m saying, folks. And who doesn’t want to live in the real Middle Earth?

T.A. has graciously given you two mood boards from her books. I’ll let her explain:

During the release of My Name is Milena Rokva, the sequel to They Call Me Alexandra Gastone, I ran a mood board contest and wanted to share two of my favorite entries! These both beautifully capture the essence of the novel, and I love the fan casting!

Here’s a book description from the author:

When your life is a lie, how do you know what’s real? 

Alexandra Gastone has a simple plan: graduate high school, get into Princeton, work for the CIA, and serve her great nation.

She was told the plan back when her name was Milena Rokva, back before the real Alexandra and her family were killed in a car crash.

Milena was trained to be a sleeper agent by Perun, a clandestine organization from her true homeland of Olissa. There, Milena learned everything she needed to infiltrate the life of CIA analyst Albert Gastone, Alexandra’s grandfather, and the ranks of America’s top intelligence agency.

For seven years, “Alexandra” has been on standby and life’s been good. Grandpa Albert loves her, and her strategically chosen boyfriend, Grant, is amazing.

But things are about to change. Perun no longer needs her at the CIA in five years’ time. They need her active now.

Between her cover as a high-school girl—juggling a homecoming dance, history reports, and an increasingly suspicious boyfriend—and her mission in this high-stakes spy game, the boundaries of her two lives are beginning to blur.

Will she stay true to the country she barely remembers, or has her loyalty shattered along with her identity?


MAGNIFICENT STUFF. Thanks to T.A. for sharing, and be sure to check out the rest of her books. She’s on Twitter as @tamaclagan & also Facebook.


MY BONUS CONTEST: DAY FOUR (4/7) CHANGES MADE (all answers submitted today before this change will still count): Leave a comment below about this sample — and the LAST word from my NEMESIS sneak-peek, also included in the #TeamRED hunt — and I’ll draw one winner per day for a signed copy of NEMESIS. Sound good? Sounds good.




  1. I love Alexandra Gastone book cover <3 The seventh word is a 🙂

  2. The book definitely looks interesting! This scavenger hunt has a lot of great stuff to add to my TBR list.

  3. Thank you YASH and thank you Brendan Reichs for a chance to win Nemesis and for hosting T.A. Maclagan. Sounds like T.A.’s Alexandra will be pro at multitasking. If I were her, I might “die” from stress :p

  4. Thank you so much for the wonderful giveaway. I love this sample, I’m so excited to read T.A.’s book 🙂
    I’m not totally and completely sure what you mean by the Nemesis “sneak peek”? If you mean the description on Erica Cameron’s post, the seventh word is “eight”. If I’m looking in the wrong place, please let me know and I wll find the 7th word on the proper sneak peek! 😀
    Thank you so much for the wonderful prize, if I was lucky enough to win, please contact me on twitter as @WordsThatStay1
    Thank you so much!

    • Okay, I also checked the sneak peek from Penguin, and the seventh word on that one is from the sentence ‘I swore to myself I wouldn’t die that day.’
      So for that one, the seventh word is DIE!
      Hope that’s right this time? Don’t know which is the one I’m looking for! 😀

  5. Forgot to say how much I love the playlist for Nemesis. Love playlists with my books. It just adds to the story.

  6. Word – Die. For some reason I think my first comment was screwed up. I am not a big spy story reader but with the character being so young it may be worth a try. Sorry about the multiple posts.

  7. Im excited for this book and the hunt! The seventh word from the excerpt is DIE!

  8. I look forward to reading both books and word #7 is eight.

  9. I have read this book and thought it was pretty good! The 7th word is die.

  10. Seventh word from Nemesis sneak-peek: eight. atleast that’s what I found through this site

    The sample sounds VERY intriguing! This is now added to my to-read list!

  11. TA Maclagan’s book sounds interesting. I’m always intrigued by how people use mood boards. The seventh word in your sneak-peek was “die”.

  12. I’m glad to have found out about Nemesis through the Scavenger Hunt. I definitely want to read more after the sampler – I’m intrigued! If the starting chapter is the sneak peak you’re referring to, DIE is the 7th word.

  13. They Call me Alexandra Gastone really sounds great!! The moodboards have definitely made me curious and from the summary it seems like the kind of book I’d enjoy.

    Thanks for participating in YASH and for the extra giveaway! (the seventh word from the sneak peek is ‘die’ – I hope the contest is international! If it isn’t, then you don’t have to count this as an entry ^^)

  14. This sample of “They Call me Alexandra Gastone” really makes me want to read the book. The seventh word from the sneak peak of Nemesis is “eight”.

  15. They Call Me Alexandra Gaston sounds intriguing and exciting as well! This is definitely my kind of book! I’ve never read TA Maclagan so thank you for this.

    And the seventh word from the sneak peak is ‘eight’.

  16. Actually, I already read They Call Me Alexandra Gastone and I totally did not expect the reveal at the end. My heart is not yet ready for My Name is Milena Rokva. There’s so many questions and I know stories of revenge do not end well.

    ‘I swore to myself I wouldn’t die that day.’ Seventh word is die!

  17. Nice, CIA agent in highschool! I like the idea. I had a Grandpa Albert and it’s funny to think of him as a possible CIA agent. He passed away when I was about… eight? Or maybe I was older.
    I loved Nemesis! I can’t wait to meet you at Yallwest!

  18. I really like spy-type books, so “They Call me Alexandra Gastone” sounds amazing! I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this book till now! And the seventh word is “die” 🙂

  19. I was so intrigued by the quote in the first moodboard that I immidiately added the book to my TBR, before even reading the synopsis. Now that I have read it I’m even more excited!

    Since I’m a bit of an over-thinker I had a bit of trouble with my answer concerning the seventh word. The obvious answer would be ‘die’ but if you count the three words at the top of the page (prologue, sunday & september) the answer becomes ‘myself’.

    If this is not international (hopefully it is) just ignore my rambles ????

  20. I like reading spy books, it has been a while though, I think i’ll check these books out, and I also like that T.A. Malayan is a Kansas girl like me 🙂 thank you so much for this opportunity, I can’t wait to read Nemesis, it just sounds so good. The seventh word is die.

  21. I love T.A. Maclagan’s writing, can’t wait to read her new book! The 7th word from the NEMESIS sneak-peek is eight. Thank you for the giveaway 😉

  22. Seventh word is “die”.
    Thank you for this awesome giveaway 🙂

  23. The seventh word is die which is what I would do if I won!!

  24. Okay… My comment seems odd :/ So I’m sorry for the double thing but the 7th word is ‘die’ and I love and hate samples because they help me discover awesome books that I can’t buy because ugh money ;>.<;

  25. The word is Die!
    Thanks so much for the chance I love these scavenger hunts you hear about some fantastic books and I end up purchasing/adding many to my reading lists.

  26. I have no idea why my original comment wasn’t recorded but a strange message instead. Second try here–the tenth word is “Up” and this sounds suspenseful.

  27. The 7th word is – DIE!
    I’ve had this book on my list for quite awhile and now I’m once again pumped to read it! I have to move it up my list!! 🙂

  28. Not sure what’s up with the first post – I see it did it to Danielle H too

    Day 2 – the word is Die
    I have read They Call Me Alexandra Gastone, loved it!
    I need to read the second one!

  29. Based on this excerpt, I think this book will appeal to more than just my teen readers! Sounds like something my older spy-thriller fiction readers will enjoy too. Will definitely be adding this to my library collection (along with Nemesis!)

    The 10th word is “up”

  30. I absolutely love that an author lives close by! I would never imagine a well known author to live close to my small hometown of Canton! I can’t wait to read your book! And the tenth word is Up. Unless the conjunction is counted as two, then it would be day.
    Thank you for this lovely opportunity!

  31. The seventh word is “die” and the summary has made me really intrigued about this book. This is my nth time trying to post this comment, so maybe it can count for yesterday?

    • Sorry please count above for 4/4. Posting from my computer was giving me weird messages for both Monday and yesterday, so trying it on my phone today. For 4/5: the tenth word is “up” and I really love the mood boards!

  32. I enjoyed the prologue and would love to enter to win, as long as international entrants are accepted. Today’s word for 4/5 is UP.

  33. OMG I love spy books. My friend has gotten me addicted to them. I need to meet Alexandra Gastone. <3

    The tenth word is "up". 🙂 Happy YASH!

  34. why can’t i comment

    • Thanks for participating.
      Today’s word (4/5): UP

      As for Alexandra Gastone’s book, I haven’t got a chance to read it yet, but I actually discovered it during the last YASH event, and then then signed up for blog notifications from her, and found out that there was a kindle sale for a short time, and snagged me a copy for i think like 1.99 or something like that! BOMB, I was so pumped, cuz it was on my TBR, and I really wanted it. Man those notifications are handy. So now it’s on my kindle with a ton of other books, but it’s definitely higher up on the TBR than most of them.
      (And yes, I want to read Nemesis too)

  35. I love spy books! The tenth word is UP

  36. I’m a sucker for a teen spy story—not quite sure why that idea appeals to me so much, but it just seems like such a dichotomy that it’s fun! The tenth word of your sneak peek is UP.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  37. I love spy stories so much. SO MUCH. Going to gobble this one “up,” I expect!

  38. Love the premise of his book my library has a copy so I will definitely check it out. The seventh word is DIE I think I hope I have it right.

  39. The seventh word is Die, I love discovering new YA books

  40. I hope it’s the right sneak peek – the seventh word is die.

  41. This book sounds so interesting and it has been on my TBR for a long time. I’m glad YASH brought it to the forefront of my mind again 🙂 The seventh word is die.

  42. Oh, I loved the sneak peak! It was amazing and I cannot wait to find out who the bastard/black-suited man/assassin is and the reason why Min should die… I really hope my local library will get the book soon or that I have an opportunity to purchase it within the near future…
    The third word is TO…

  43. The Seventh word is die

  44. or Swore if your counting Prologue and the date

  45. Please delete last post – not sure where those numbers came from… ? Here’s what I really wrote: Love the premise of Alexandra Gastone – mysteries, thrillers, and spies!! The third word is to (or September, if you count the Prologue).

  46. The seventh word is “die” 🙂 thank you for the opportunity

  47. I LOVE THIS COVER. It is very eye catching. I am intrigued to see what this book has to offer. The seventh word is “die”. Thank you so much for this opportunity :)! **fingers crossed**

  48. I love TA ‘s books. They are a fun read. The last word in the preview is “about”

  49. wonder what happened to my previous post?

    Day 4 – 4/7

    anyway, I love spy stories!!! Especially teen spies!!!
    The last word of your sneak peek is: about

  50. [4/7]
    I love the YA scavenger hunt, it is such a great opportunity to discover new authors and their books, like T.A. Mclagan and They call me Alexandra Gastrone. I hadn’t heard of either before, but it sounds like a badass YA with a synopsis that reminds me of a ya version of the movie Salt. 😀 Plus, after reading the excerpt, Nemesis moved up exponentially on my must have/must read list.
    Not sure which one is the correct word, since the two sneak peaks are different in their lengths. The last word from the sample on the entertainment weekly site is: lane, and on the penguinteen website it is: about.
    Thank you so much for hosting this additional giveaway! 🙂

  51. I haven’t read the first book yet, so I didn’t want to spoil it by reading the except. The series has definitely moved to the top of my to-read list. I also am really excited to read Nemesis! ( I think I was hooked from the Prologue)
    And the word from the sneak peek is about.

  52. idk why it says that, the last word on the EW excerpt is “lane” and in the penguin one it is “about”

  53. different sample
    lane excerpt

  54. Penguin Teen : Last word = about

    EW: Last word = Lane

  55. In the Penguin Teen sample, it is: About
    In the Entertainment Weekly, it is: Lane

  56. On Penguin Teen: ‘about’
    On Entertainment Weekly: ‘lane’


  57. I like spy stories so T. A. Maclagan’s books are right on my alley. The last word on the Nemesis sneak peak is murders.

  58. Ummmm not a fan of that… can you delete this comment ASAP? My actual comment: Thanks for doing a bonus giveaway! They Call Me has been on my list since its first appearance in YASH! Okay, so if you’re talking about the excerpt, the last word on Penguin is “murders” and on EW it’s “lane.” If we’re talking about your bonus content, it’s “MIA?” or before the playlist, it’s “lyrics.” Hi I overanalyzed this question goodbye

  59. Not only is the cover very eye catching, the story seems very intriguing too, especially since i love crime-related stories! Also, the last word is “murders”

  60. (4/7)
    The 2 excerpts are different lengths, so I’m not totally sure which one to post. Here are both!
    Entertainment Weekly – “lane”
    Penguin – “about”
    Thank you so much for the wonderful giveaway! ????

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