Breaking Virals News!

Breaking Virals News!

Hello Virals fans! Tired of waiting for Code to release on March 12, 2013? Well, so are we. To make up for the long wait, Kathy and I have written a brand new Virals e-story to tide you over. Details to follow, but look for SHIFT sometime in the next few weeks! And don’t fret Tempe Brennan fans, she’s in this one too!

Tory’s great aunt, Temperance Brennan, visits just in time to investigate a robbery at the Loggerhead Island Research Institute. As a renowned forensic anthropologist, Tempe is obviously qualified to figure out whodunit, but Tory and her Virals pack want to crack the case on their own. Yet the crime is puzzling. Who could have accessed the labs at LIRI, and how could they have gotten the equipment off the island? It’s Brennan vs. Brennan in this short story that gives readers a brand new insight into the world of the Virals.


  1. So Excited!!!! I love Kathy Reichs books!!!

  2. I’ am 55 years old and I love the Books!

  3. Thanks, looking forward to the addition to my collection!

  4. I am waiting for the release. Now you have me waiting for an e-story… what gives? OK so the best things in life take time, I understand.

    • Believe me, I’m feeling just as impatient as you are.

  5. I love all your books and have reread them several times looking forward to your next book.

  6. You read my mind! Great idea. I can’t wait to read it!

  7. I love your books. I just finished virals and starting seizures so far so good.

  8. I am not a robot selling Northface jackets but I am a lover of the Virals book, a fan of Brendan Reichs and a long time (10yrs+) of his mum the amazing Kathy Reichs!

  9. Oh, the perfect Christmas gift! I can’t wait, I’m so excited…

  10. I absolutely love virals! When will the e-story be out? and will I be able to read it on a normal laptop or is it one of those kindle books?? Thanks!

  11. I absolutely love these books, massive, MASSIVE fan! Just finished reading Code and I wasn’t disappointed! It was awesome!! Now i will have a e-story soon, cant wait! Cant wait for the next one either although i guess that is quite a while away:( i will just have to fill in the time by re-reading them again and again whenever i get impatient:)

    • I haven’t read any of Kathy Reich’s books yet, but I AM A DIEHARD BONES FANGIRL, been there from the very beginning and didn’t just catch up with it in the span of two mohtns acting like I’m a better fan than the one’s who were there from the pilot. Sorry about the rant-age for a minute, it’s just I know people who do that and it drives me crazy every time they do. lol. Anyway, back to the book, I want to meet this character that you say is a lil’ baby Brennan. I think I could totally fall in love with her, great WoW! 🙂

  12. Hey so excited for code when is it out in the uk please reply 😀
    Also can’t wait for the e – story

    • Is out already in UK….just finished it on my Kindle 🙂

  13. When is Shift coming out? I can’t wait to read it!!!

    • We don’t have an exact date yet, but look for SHIFT starting in January or February!

      • Hey just finished Code, awesome work again, have read all the Tempe books too. Waiting for the latest Tempe to come out in UK Paperback and wondering if Shift is to be released in UK and when? Need a Reich fix!!!

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