Great CODE Review by the National Book Examiner!

Great CODE Review by the National Book Examiner!

The National Book Examiner has published a glowing review of CODE, the latest novel in the Virals series!

This book manages to be a crossover between middle grade fiction and young adult. It will certainly appeal to a wide range of ages while not containing anything inappropriate. The main character models strong character in her quest to do the right thing — even if it means sacrificing her life for the lives of others. There is also a lot of scientific information that is revealed as the group struggles to figure out the clues that will help them stop the murder of innocent people.

Those who read “Virals” and “Seizure” will certainly want to read the next installment in this great young adult series. But be forewarned, reading this series will probably result in a strong yen to visit Charleston. It sounds fabulous.

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